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Guide for Posting Logs

Postby Fuzzy_Monkey » Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:59 pm

Hey Guys!
I thought I would post up a few tips for those of you who are interested in getting feedback on your runs. I have learned *A TON* from reading the logs of other speedsters, and I can't emphasize enough how much logging and sharing my runs with other folks has benefited me.

A great source of information can be had at the Hardcore OxygeNation Forums (yes, I know I am a bad monkey for pointing to you to other forums; but the HCO forums are an amazing resource). Here is the link to the public ascension logs:

I also really like the Tips that BobbyCorno over in HCO gave for logging your run:

1. Provide context and analysis.
To me, the most interesting thing about logs are the decision points. Where are you making active decisions versus passively clicking "next adventure"? What are your goals?

2. Don't be afraid to be self-critical.
Did you make a boneheaded move? A gamble that paid off? Or backfired spectacularly? This is the meat of an interesting ascension log, in my opinion.

3. Knowing what retained skills you may or may not have is important.
Are you LTS'ing your way through everything? Spending every spare bit of meat on Antiphon? Or is this just your third run? Also, how are the moons aligning for your current run? Did this factor into your class selection at the start of your run?

4. Avoid minutiae (unless that's your thing).
For instance, most of us know the range of stats and adventures you get from basic foods. Pointing out unusual variances is helpful, however. The only person I've seen log minutiae well is ShadowsLight, but the thought of replicating some of those tables scares me.

5. Show how your current run varies against the mean.
Part of the great thing about logging is that it gives us quantitative data to compare. Some of us have an intuitive sense that 47 turns in the Harem is a long time. When you're switching back and forth between areas, it's sometimes not feasible to get quantitative numbers without descending into minutiae. But "I finished the Friars in 5 adventures!!" is definitely interesting to read.

6. Let readers know if you want comments in-thread.
Some people do, some people don't. I am afraid to insert myself into an ascension log that does not specifically invite comments.

Thanks for taking the time, and I hope to see a lot of you guys posting!

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