Downstairs Frank's FFS Bad Moon SC 7/1337(comments welcome)

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Downstairs Frank's FFS Bad Moon SC 7/1337(comments welcome)

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Thu Nov 20, 2014 10:12 am

It's been a long time since I made a log of any of my runs so here goes nothing I see this as a once in a lifetime opportunity... Like always disclaimers:

1. Comment/Ask Questions/Give me advice about other strategies/whatever- I'm always down to talk about Bad Moon and I don't know everything about Bad Moon, I just pretend like I do.

2. I don't use mafia, why? Honestly my old crappy computer goes too slow if I run it, unless I'm automating hundreds of turns. I do use it ~ twice a run, leaflet and arena trainer.

3. No mafia means no ascension log visualizer. My log is my notes of my run as I'm going along, which might give you more insight into the method to the madness that is Frank or it might just be a way for you to get very upset that I cuss so much that a sailor would blush. If words can be NSFW, then this log will be NSFW.

4. Why is this run called FFS? Well I like to use abbreviations that mean something so... FFS= Feast to Feast+Special event or just Feast to Feast Speed Run.

Awhile back(around crimbo last year) I noticed that this years KoL feast of Boris was seven days before the day of Thanksgiving in the US. While this hasn't always been a FoB, it usually is so... the plan got set in motion. Much much later I learned that day 3 of the run would also be a live Twitch event, which may or may not be a huge advantage.

5. What's my goal? Eight days. It seems like that should be easy to do as a seal clubber right? Well if it was easy then how come no one has ever done it? I haven't even done a nine day run as a Seal Clubber(I was famously one turn short in an El Dia run that sparked my 1337 chain since I would've finished at 1335 turns)...

so Day one starts NOW.... Good luck to me, I'll probably need it(since I didn't do any maths to think about whether this was even close to being possible)
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Day 1 of FFS(Feast to Feast Speed) run

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Thu Nov 20, 2014 11:13 pm

so I tried to post day 1 with comments and stuff and the stupid thing didn't post made me re log-in and then it was gone.

so here's what you get instead my raw logs without coments because I barely was motivated enough to post comments originally...

*edit: I know I'm feeling a little motivation to re-comment the stuff that I didn't explain(later on), which is everything except chat macros probably...

use skill pirate bellow- jump gash re-incarnate:

Run Bad Moon Seal Clubber started 11-20-14 Feast of Boris, Eat, eat, eat.

/pvp Welcome back to the Kingdom of Loathing Frank.

I meant to post into /hardcore but it didn't really matter I ascended in the dead time of KoL where very few people were on-line.

equip initial gear
/go Toot Oracle
sell pork elf gems(+2500 meat) use tent, all this is basic start of the run stuff...

/timer 70 SRR last none

visit muscle guild to start the 11-inch sausage quest

Check odd jobs board.... (explain why)- I want to survive the first combat against a Feast of Boris monster. Killing the first wandering monster is very difficult in BM(since they got rid of Moxious Manuever, which I wouldn't have anyway since I'm a muscle class) now since I don't eat the stat hell's kitchen foods(which get me to level 4 almost themselves, but are bad turn gen.)

/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 hermit
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/1 chew
/go hermit
/1 terrarium
/1 blood-face
/go bounty- have to use the chat command since I'm not level 2 I can't go to the forest, but I can go to the forest village, same with the beach place.

accept the Gallery bounty- decent chance I might complete it if I have to do any powerleveling there at any point before level 10(very doubtful that I will have to do powerleveling before level 10)

Code: Select all
40-37- odd job Level 2!
I did finally decide to do the 3 turn odd job to hit level 2. The odd job board doesn't start the wandering monster counter since it's not adv.php, my SRR is started without adventuring in adv.php from what I understand now?

/buy smith hammer
Code: Select all
/craft equip weapon 2 turns.

Ugh, fuck I need 10 muscle to equip the freaking thing. Hopefully I don't make a mistake like that again.

I really want to have a chance against the stupid first FoB monster that attacks me
Code: Select all
(35-29)outskirts of the knob sausage

- beaten up by a stuffed golem... so much for trying to get strong enough to survive. No chef hat either(*edit insert interjection comment: After 7 days of adventuring in this run this will be the only time that I'm beaten up until I lose on purpose against the NS four times. Is that my secret to being good at Bad Moon? Don't get beaten up ever?)

/me breaks hippy stone... finds three people to win a fight against... no more beaten-up. A small little side note, I was unable to fight people that I'd beaten before ascending. Apparently I've never ran into this problem before that I can remember...

bought the skill to gain 1-2 HP per adv

/1 oint
/buy oint
/buy 2 anti-a

Code: Select all
(29-21) Spooky Forest- mosquito

You might be asking yourself WTF do those numbers mean before the area? Those are my # of turns remaining. I post my log this way because the amount of turns I have left is way more important than the number of turns played in a run so far or the number of turns that I have played so far in a given day. Turns remaining is one of the biggest factors on what I'll do or where I'll go. The other biggest factor is meat.

Code: Select all
(21-17) Spooky Forest- unicorn meat

Ok, Mr. Smarty Frank, why the fuck did you just tell "us" that you went to the spooky forest then went there again? Why split it up at all? The simple answer is after getting the mosquito, I didn't know where I was going to adventure next. After a short "hmm what should I do now?" I decided to grab some meat from the spooky forest. My only other options at this point is the tavern or de grassi knoll and I figured it would be better to be higher level for those places.

I say higher leveled but the truth is, I'm almost to 10 muscle main stat which means equipping the EW and gaining a shit ton of muscle, thus being able to destroy everything in those places.

Code: Select all
tavern cellar(17-12)- rats... literally

Gosh I wish you had like an official way that you wrote shit down Frank, that is ass backwards.... STFU.

Code: Select all
12-10 shiny ring
(I'm guessing more cellar, split up because I debated where the fuck to go after getting 10 muscle)

Code: Select all
knoll garage(?) tires 2 toolboxes

Two toolboxes is enough for all 4 items I needed, nice. I forgot to buy envy till after I faced a bugbear and it didn't drop anything... found the screwdriver, found bugbear pants. The question mark means that I forgot to write down the number of turns I had when I started or I ate/drank stuff and pretty much was unable to figure out how many turns I was in the zone. I leave it up to your imagination, if I got two toolboxes then it had to have been ~ 6 adventures right? Maybe it was 4, maybe it was 10, but it was somewhere in there.

meat stack+6 meat paste don't have 300 meat to buy the freaking rims

/autosell junk time!
/go rumplus 0/3 claw machine(I forgot to do this when I started my run)

When meat runs low the first thing to do is autosell EVERYTHING that you don't need. When I autosell shit I'll start with stuff that is decent meat and not bother with the crappy stuff, I usually autosell stuff as it drops at the end of combat sometimes, sometimes I'm clicking too fast. It really depends on if I have a enough meat at the moment to buff and heal. If you sell everything and I literally mean ever fucking thing that you don't need and you're still broke? Then it probably means that where you go is where you can go "cheaply" or where you can get some moar meat if those aren't possible then it means you'll have to go somewere where you'll get more meat than you'll spend. This being broke problem has just a big effect as having a low amount of turns and still needing to consume food or booze.

/paste bitch
visit guild talk to janitor twice, first to unlock my gnoll meat(it must be done to unlock the gnoll meat, trust me I made that mistake once, onece many many years ago after de grassi knoll revamp where the beach instantly opened, the meat adventure in the gnoll doesn't unlock from simply making the meat car)

second time clicking on the guy is to accept the white citadel quest

anti-cheese autosold... never gonna need a goat...
Code: Select all
turn 43- canned yam
- ate the food for more myst(I can almost equip the shiny ring now)
7 adv gained...

Code: Select all
14-11- faucet found

Hit level 4 just barely. Don't have stench resistance, can't survive the white citadel quest

22 turns until SRR begins... this might be a good time to point out that I haven't drank anything but I have eaten a few jumbo lucifers for MP/HP regen. Lucifers restore a mega ton of MP based on HP, so when my HP gets low instead of healing I always eat the lucifer to drop to 1 HP, then I use /heal to buy / use medicinal herbs. Usually I can do a 1:1 ratio, but since today is FoB. That is not possible.

I could try and get the gravy fairy I suppose or I could powerlevel... hmm

I'll powerlevel now, get the fairy when I'm waiting for a wondering monster. Good idea right? OK ready break...

drank 5 imported beers +10 (I don't usually bother to even write down how many adventures I gain from something that gives a set in stone number of adventures...

shore trippin' meat globe X5 - level 5!

drank 5 imported beers(guess how many turns I got?)

Soath of the boarder( 8 turns till wandering monster, 9 till SRR)

10-1- beaten senseless in dead man's hand, I did 1 turn into my SRR because I figured the meat was going to show up soon. If I could play it again, I would not take the risk

outskirts of knob looking for encryption key and lunchbox while beaten up

cranberry go-go+11, I did consider the lower stats for the fight and didn't really care about them enough to change my entire SoTB, SR and encryption key plan.

I've used 12 full/10 drunk so far, 18 adv left, 4553 meat currently and

drank 3 distilled wines. I was at 79 turns played, which meant that the next turns was going to be my SR. I briefly considered trying to kill the KGE captain, but decided against it, getting the uniform usually takes less turns than what I'd gain from wines.

A funny thing that happened is I got the BM adventure BEFORE the encryption key... I always thought that the encryption key was the trigger, but I guess the Feast of Boris monster screwed the timer up since encryption is a hard count superlikely in the zone? Probably. I used the extra muscle to kill baron von Ratsworth and get his monocle.

junction- sonar, turkey yay... level 6!

Here's where my notes stopped or trailed off even. Before I was able to go to the junction I had to get the harem veil, which didn't happen until the superlikely in the zone that drops the outfit. I killed the king, because why not? Used my hella smooth buff(+item BM buff) I opened the bean bat chamber with 1 sonar/scream bat, I fought two bean bats for 1 bean(ugh) and I can't remember what else I did. In my original edited comments I did re-write it but when it didn't post I didn't feel like re-copying something again.

Oh well, decent day one 160 something turns played is way more than a "normal" day in BM
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Bad Moon FFS Run(comments welcomed)

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:31 am

Day one log was pretty rough I can admit it. Without knowing WTF my notes mean I wouldn't be able to make any sense of it at all, but that is the first time that I've tried to log a run, after so many runs of just clicking and thinking without writing shit down as it happens I was a bit rusty.

Hopefully I'll get better as this shit goes on or maybe i'll give up, it's not like anyone is going to read this anyway...

Day 2, one day until the twitch event(I'm posting this while I wait for the twitch event(on my day 3) to start since I don't want to burn turns until I can pull my twitch belt/ possibly do stuff in the twitch tower. I'm still not sure what all advantages it has.

!~ I notice that day one I didn't even finish writing stuff that I did down... Did a lot of other stuff, killed the goblin king, Baron, got the donkulars from the grove etc.


day 2

47 adv to start
2,619 meat
25 pvp fites

ate can of cranberries+12( I fought the monster with 2 turns left for the day and no room for more consumption, that is why you can't bank turns on FoB)

Code: Select all
(59-55)Dark Elbow- butterknife

After a couple turns I decide to turn to the dark side of the club, wereseal blood, so good but soooo expensive(500 meat for 10 turns +muscle based on the moon brightness). IDK If I really need to bother to even use it to survive, I'm almost level 7 at this point...
ate lucifer+2
/1 wereseal

I lost my notes explaining this day one, but I use a mega shit ton of chat macros. By far the one that I use the most is: /1

/1 = /buy $$ && /use $$

This comes in handy if I want to buy stuff and use it instantly obviously.............. but it also works if I just want to buy something that I can't use OR if I want to use something that I already have that I cannot buy...

for instance if I do /1 hermit or /1 ferm, then I'll buy a hermit permit or fermenting powder and try to use it and the game will think I'm an idiot and tell me it's not implemented yet.

If I do /1 filthworm, the game will get confused on what I'm trying to buy and then it will use a filthworm scent gland.

Code: Select all
(57-52 )Dark Heart
- after 6 turns I decide to switch to dark neck to get the most out of wereseal blood
neck- first turn non combat, so much for using wereseal for 10 combats, best laid plans of mic and n00bs. Figured my odds were better of getting a combat in the neck again and of course the 2nd turn was the imp unity ring...

Code: Select all
(52-49)Dark Neck
- You acquire an item: dodecagram. Three turn neck, not ideal in Bad Moon... I need a Ruby W pretty badly, it's not 100% neccessary but it limits my options later on and forces my hand to get an early wand / unlock the DoD.

Farming a Ruby W in the slums is annoying as fuck and that is what I'm faced with... unless I get insanely lucky in the White Citadel quest.. I think I face one wIMP at least...

/me rolls the dice...
Code: Select all
(49-45)Dark Heart-
birthday candles

so moment of truth, if I complete the quest then I'm forced to take 1-2 shots at the wIMP on the road or forced to zap two letters once I get a spare one... which won't be till level 10...

/me completes quest

I also failed to get any hot resistance stuff, great... that'll slow down the haunted kitchen... speaking of kitchen I suppose it's time to use the burrito blessing and hope for mushroom from the knob kitchen....

or is it? When I step into the road again, I'll get my familiars piggified and they'll be worthless... so maybe I should do that quest first? Yeah maybe idk sure.

Wimp doesn't drop the W, my choices aren't working out so well it seems.
Code: Select all
Road to Citadel(45-38)
ate one lucifer+2

Got 1/2 hippy outfit meh, no W, spend 9 turns with hella smooth / eyedrops.

It seems like moxie class get instrinsic item drop as well as being able to pp sometimes...

Code: Select all
Kitchen(10)- Level 7! Knob mushroom, spices

ate insanely spicy enchanted way too fucking long of a name burrito+13

Alcove(1)- I don't know what I was thinking here, had one turn of eyedrops to burn before finishing boss batting it up

/1 nasal

Code: Select all
Boss Bat Lair(38- )
.... on second though... maybe I should do some turns in whitey's grove w/ a 1 lb fairy but 9 turns of burrito blessing thanks to the 4k meat I got in the Road to Citadel I don't need
the grove meat as much but...

Code: Select all
Grove(3?)- A white Lie, 5k meat gained...

Code: Select all
Bat Entrance(4?)- Pine fresh airfreshner, 3k meat

/me logs into mafia... time to get a eye-pod... ugh 7 turns? WTF mafia, I don't give a fuck about getting 5 experience if there's a moderate chance of losing...

Code: Select all
[code]Shore(3)- might as well burn the rest of the bad buffs right? [/code]

drank one glass of bourbon +6

alright..... what now?

Code: Select all
Forest(4)- tree holed coin, piggied 3 opponents

never had the wand before really, from now on I think it's better to save it incase I need to escape a combat, way better than CLEESHing

Da Lair of the Liver of Steel Guy...

25 turns currently, 14,614 meat

2 fullness left and 13 drunkness

SR in 29 or 34 turns, yeah thanks for that one RNG

/1 5 ben
/1 5 hairs
/1 weres
/1 n eye

Code: Select all
Pandimonium(52?)...liver of steel gained.

10 adventures left, 8,681 meat

/1 cheap w
/1 angry farm
/1 marzipan
/1 n eye

Code: Select all
Defiled Alcove(10-2)

- trying for a DGW, failed, cleared the zone all except the boss....

Now is a good time to bank.

tavern swill +6

I'm close to level 8 so tomorrow I'll buy the skill to get fury and stun stuff which will make combat a bit more simple.
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Day 3: Broken Twitch

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:23 am

Day 3: Broken Twitch

/pull toolbelt

twitch was insanely OP for Bad Moon.

My idea was to get the +200% item drops booze, get aces/dueces and use the chroners to buy dinosaur ribs. First bartender didn't give me the muscle drink but I did get the +item drops.. then the muscle then it was nutz.

I farmed the rusty pistol because it's +non combat weapon. I made the tiny mistake of buying some on the rocks drinks without realizing that the bartenders would drop a shit ton of drinks. Oh well.

so... after the smoke cleared here's the useful items I had saved up for after day 3:

food: D roll(1), rack of dinosaur ribs(24)

booze: glass of herbal tea(7), New Zealand iced tea(2), scotch on the rocks(9), shot of mescal(7), whiskey in a broken glass(8)

spleen: none

weapon: rusted-out shootin' iron

accessory: droll monocle, time-twitching toolbelt, outlaw bandana(3)

potions: blue grass(6), future drug: Smartinex(2)

combat items: nastygeist(11), portable table(10), rattler rattle, spooky lasso(2), throwing candy(3)

I did a bit of quests after I had gotten all my consumption stuff. Leveling was pretty crazy, I ended the day a smidge away from level 10.

I gotta say today was a good day...
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Day 4

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:32 am

Turns played so far: 451
Meat currently: 2,866
adv to start: 57
PvP fites: 61

Level 9(184 stats to level 10)


My plan is get the spooky raven stuff out of the way first. A few good reasons are:

1. Ballroom song
2. To see if I'm going to get Flushed #1 Problem before the spooky raven quest item
3. Deluxe Layer cake
4. To start the Lights Out Quest(s)
5. There's probably more than I can't think of...

My final turn yesterday was getting a semi rare to help with the kitchen...

/1 lip balm

so stench will give me 2 drawers and hot will give me 4. I hope I'll finish in under 10 turns.

kitchen sucked, horrible luck with hot drawers and the BM adventure at a turn of my lip balm buff, I saw 2 hot drawers before the buff ran out... billard room... library managed to get first floor done with 3 turns till my Lights Out adventure...

bedroom till lights out

/LOS(lights out Stephen)- it sets the timers for all the rooms I need to go to before level 11.

Code: Select all

got item before BM adventure...

which means I can save the BM adventure for the F'cle(I had the defiled nook ready to go incase I got it first... since the spookyraven revamp there's no way to know which superlikely you'll get first)

gallery, I almost forgot to do my 1 turn in the ballroom after talking to the ghost..

burrito blessing 20 turns....

I consider using the D roll for more food drop, but decide to not bother?

Code: Select all
Haunted Storage room(6)

ate deluxe layer cake+43

I tried to get a spare one, just incase both monsters didn't drop the ingredients the 2nd time around so I said Fuck it and moved on.

4 fullness left will be a grue egg omelete after I set the ballroom song so I can get a mushroom quicker...

Code: Select all
Ballroom(13)- dance card(2), thingie that zaps into black pepper(4), no equipment.

Ballroom song set...

Code: Select all
Spooky forest(6)
- 3 spooky mushrooms

/go hell
purchase the oven for 500 meat
cook/eat grue egg omelete+24

74 turns until my SRR begins... If I can get through the airship/castle in time I might try and go into the inhaler...

if I can't get there fast enough? I guess I'll have to consider banking/buying pride or something else entirely.

My max drunk/full for the day, I'd also like to try and get the oracle adventure / teleportis out of the way. I didn't think about it but I have a chance to teleport into the black cat, which basically would be a nightcap OR a mega shit ton loss of turns if I forgot to drink to 19 before hitting teleportis.

Anyway airship first.

Code: Select all
Airship(110-77)- 2 Metalic As, all castle items cept the umbrella,

Code: Select all
unlocked the ground floor in one turn with the plot amulet. I need letters though, ugh.

Code: Select all
- letters, +muscle stats, failed to get the resistance potion... oh well moving on.

did stuff till SRR begins...

Castle top(?)- stuff unlocked etc. turns into range....

buy gluttony

eat fortune cookie 19 turns till semi rare... long SRR it was like 196 turns.. oh well. I'm banking, it's a very slim chance that I can get through the black forest buy the diary and unlock the cellar to get bram's cocker in 17 turns right? Maybe idk, either way

In hindsight I wish I could've gotten the DoD unlocked and possibly even tried for the wand...

I'm almost level 11 now 105 stats away... so to start tomorrow I just have to drink 3 of the muscle drinks and I'll hit level 11.
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Day 5: Trying to stay alive...

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:44 am


Day 5:
Turns played: 630
PvP: 79
Meat: 2,621(fuck)

My "great" idea to attempt to get to the Bram's cocker is foiled because I don't have enough meat to buy the diary, assuming that I could clear the Black Forest in time which is debatable. Now no contest I have to strategically take down zones that don't need non combat.

drank 2 muscle drinks from the ol' west saloon Level 11!

ate 5 dinosaur ribs

All-together I gained +113 from that stuff

1 fullness left for a fortune cookie and 13 drunkeness left

Code: Select all

almost cleared out the final zone.

Lights out storeroom.

My priority is /los2 (stephen part 2) to get more +ML, as soon as I get torso and the basement unlocked.

but first things first I need a bit more meat to buy the diary and I'm pretty sure the quickest way is the crypt.

Code: Select all
-bosses up... normally I'd buff a bit here but I have 147 buffed muscle and 87 buffed moxie so I don't see the point really...

I got materials for 8 skeleton keys... so why not get more stats?

current meat: 5,935

Enough for the diary and shore trip I suppose.

I'll have another 5k from the level 8 quest, 11k possibly from the gold wedding ring, 3k from the F'cle and I haven't done a fire sale yet...

Code: Select all
Black Forest(169-153)
3 turns for the black bird... if I would've had the meat then maybe I could've got there in time... that is slightly disappointing.

so no couldn't get the freaking blackberries to drop. Went with the inhaler as my SR
Code: Select all
Beach, ballroom(4)-
basement unlocked

329 meat... remember what I said about sometimes meat dictates where I'm able to go?

I need to find the spooky raven spectacles before I can actually do the basement quest... there's really not a rush on that quest (since I'd like the lab coat to get it finished quicker)

bedroom is decent meat farming...
Code: Select all
- disposable camera, spectacles, tattered wolf standard(decided to go for it instead of the meat chance)

so much for meat farming...
Code: Select all
Mining stuff(9)
- 3 lineleum, loadstone

I'm sure if it's worth it to try and find a chrome ore to make a chrome sword, if the run takes 3 more days then at best I'm giving up 3 turns and gaining 9. If the run takes two days then I'm spending 3 to get 6. Assuming that it's chrome ore and not asbestos next to my lineoleum ore but there's no guarantee that I can find a chrome ore in 1 turn. I know where the remaining shapes of ores are... so I got a 50% chance.

Why not try it? 1 turn to gain 3-6...

You acquire an item: asbestos ore

It takes 4 turns to find chrome ore plus the two to craft the sword, plus the 3,250 meat? Not quite so sure that it was worth it.

Best laid plans of mice and n00bs... so much for that.

I break even on the deal, but that was worse case scenario.

Extreme sloape+peak(?)
Code: Select all
Cellar(2)- [/code]
got the Chateau de Vinegar against the first wine rack
Code: Select all
Laundry Room(11)-
2 bottles of cooking sherry(I might actually drink these to get to 10 drunk and then 3 other drinks caps my drunkness...

Boiler Room Lights Out completed.

29 turns till I face Stephen Spookyraven in the Lab.

so I kinda want to have torso so I can equip the shirt...
Code: Select all
Spooky Forest(93-75)
- Hidden Temple unlocked.
Code: Select all
Spooky Forest hunting for torso(6)
- dang near cut in half
Code: Select all
Hidden Temple(4)-
almost lost to cave bars
Code: Select all
Spooky Lab(1)
- lab coat

/loe(lights out elizabeth)

Timer "lights out laundry" set for 37 turn(s).
Timer "lights out bathroom" set for 74 turn(s).
Timer "lights out kitchen" set for 111 turn(s).
Timer "lights out library" set for 148 turn(s).
Timer "lights out ballroom" set for 185 turn(s).
Timer "lights out gallery" set for 222 turn(s).

ate fortune cookie

/timer 90 SR last inhaler

Code: Select all
Hidden Temple(3)
- stone wool, nostril of serpent
Code: Select all
Pirate cove(1)
-outfit needed the eye patch, hence why I did the hidden temple first for the chance to get it there.

drank 2 cooking sherry+15

drank 3 scotch on the rocks+52
Code: Select all
- took 5 attempts at beer pong with 7 insults, fuck your X-girlfriend with a huge donkey dick

Code: Select all
Orc Chasm(97-76)
bridge completed
Code: Select all
Your #1 Problem

Code: Select all

Code: Select all
A-boo Peak(4)
- duskwalker syringe, a-boo clue(3), TARDIS key

That should be enough clues to finish the zone, I'm at 90% haunted so I need high HP and high resistances

Still have item drop buffs left though most the major ones are gone... boiler room time?
Code: Select all
Boiler Room(64-59)
- wine bomb(took 2 boiler fights)

Code: Select all
Twin Peak/Oil Peak(59-41)

Boiler Room- Bram's cocker
Code: Select all
Twin Peak(40-35)-
gold wedding ring

I would just autosell it, but I'm running low on turns.

Time for a fire sale!

"you sell your stuff you don't need for 5,326 meat"

meat total 8,083

so technically I have enough to get the DoD unlocked and get a wand. Leaves me really tight on meat if I buy SAM and craft the chrome sword.
Code: Select all
> than sign(35-26)
- Unlocked DoD

Code: Select all
DoD(1)- wand

Meat remaining 1,463

another fire sale....
Code: Select all
Hidden Park(25-19)- antique machette

didn't find any non combats @20%

Code: Select all
Hidden Hospital(18-12)- doc apron, book of matches

Now back to the Park to banish janitors...

Code: Select all
Park(12-10) banished janitors...

I'm kinda lost with what to do. Any area I go I'm going to spend meat and I'm currently at:


You zap the original G with your aluminum wand.
You acquire an item: ruby W

One down, one to go.

craft chrome sword

buy fog murderer drink fog murderer+16

Tomorrow I think I'm going to have to sell the golden ring. The one turn I lose @rollovers will probably be worth it if I spend 11,000 meat on the banish skills.. which cost just over 11k meat.
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Re: Downstairs Frank's Bad Moon FFS Run(comments welcomed)

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:31 pm

Day 6:
Turns played: 871
Current meat: 530
PvP fites: 95
Adventures to start: 68
Level 11(1,156 starts to level 12)

Stuff that must be done today?

Daily Dungeon for a token. I have to do this. It's not optional anymore.

Sell golden ring? I pretty much can't get by without that meat. Well I could but batter up! is very nice skill/ banish but in order to use it I have to buy Ire of the Orca as well as have 5 gallons of fury(not difficult).

Total cost: 11,250 meat. I sold the ring I and have 11,530. I'm not going to buy the skill yet, because I am not going to use it in the bellow decks or palidrome.

Code: Select all
Poop Deck(1)- Swordfish

I need somewhere to gain fury so I can stun stuff...

Oil Peak seems like a good idea since I can't stun those guys anyway.

Code: Select all
[code]Oil Peak(67-58) under pressure... [/code]

I bought the +fury skill while doing the Peak so I'm at 5 gallons.

Still 1,000 stat points away from level 12. Must complete the pirates before the war starts for obvious reasons.

Code: Select all
Bellowdecks(58-51)- 2 snakehead charms, 110 meat

(autosold worthless stuff)

Meat is going to be insanely tight, that is all I know but a banish skill is insanely powerful and I don't see how I can not buy it.

crafted oil slacks, sold leotard... this is a common practice of mine, whenever I get a better equipment piece I sell the inferior one.

Code: Select all
Palidrome(51-41) stunt nuts, I love me Vol. 1

I have two turns of "Go get 'em tiger left, meh, no big deal really.

After awkward beats me up I suppose I'll burn it at the beach getting my shore script for the UV-compass...

/m(equips my +Hp/MP outfit)

Beach muscle vaction(3)- UV compass

/p (equips my previous outfit)

/outfit awkward

eat one rack of dino ribs+18

/1 ben

I don't need the adventures as much as I'd like the +50% HP for the awkward/spookyraven fights that I'm about to do.

Code: Select all
Palidrome(1)- 444 meat(autoselling the douchy sword)

/DDOD( This is my "Don't do a Deandra macro". It strips me naked, then equips outfit boom which is my "default" outfit, every run, everyday. Giving me a 0% chance of having the Mega Gem equipped afterwards)

Code: Select all

Fight was easier than expected, I should've tried to win the fight without buying the can of black paint

ate dino ribs+17

drank scotch+17, drank whiskey in a broken glass+11

Level 12!

I'm doing the war as a frat boy... usually in BM I do it as a hippy in order to get better food/booze from the orchard quest but with the food and booze I got from the twitch tower I don't need that stuff and the frat side is a bit quicker.

I've thought about "how to start the war" a little bit, I decided that getting the frat boy ensemble from non combats at level 12 and then getting the frat warrior fatigues again with non combats would probably be the best way to go...

Code: Select all
Frat house(86-76) Frat outfit

Code: Select all
Frat house in disguise(76-69) Frat War outfit

Code: Select all
Hippy Camp(69-57) Begun, this frat war has.

ate rack of dino ribs+15(to keep the +HP buff)

Flyering time...

500 meat currently, gremlins will take a bit more meat, hidden city would be difficult as well(depending on what I banish)

Back to the Desert?

Code: Select all
Desert/Oasis(72-53) bronzed locust, batter upped fire ants, 15 worm pages

at 65% desert exploration I gained 15 pages of the worm Manuel, I didn't buy the paint yet, so technically I'm at 80% exploration. My usual strategy if I get all 15 pages is to try and get a drum machine and/or stone rose at the Oasis because the drum machine finishes it instantly and the stone rose cuts off 7.5 turns.

Code: Select all

misclicked.. 1% exploration.

Code: Select all
Oasis(1)- drum machine

Great, now I'm at 96% exploration.

1,296 meat currently

buying the paint saves me two turns... fire sale time!

gained 475 meat...

I don't think that I should bother with the paint. Meat's too tight. I could have just waited till later possibly when I do have the meat, but I want to get it over with and if I don't come up with the meat(unlikely) then I wasted a turn.

1,771 currently.

unlocked 2 hidden city areas.

Code: Select all
Haunted Gallery(1)- Elizabeth's dolly/paintbrush

It's a tricky fight because it's a scaling ghost that is immune to physical damage and elemental seems to be reduced too.

Code: Select all
Hidden City(46-25)

Started in office building, got the attorney badge then battered up lawyers, then onto the office building where I only need one more accountant.

Then the Hospital with the intention to banish the mod that shows up there and bowling alley, which doesn't happened because I get the operating room third turn. I'd adventured here earlier and had one piece of doctor outfit on, the shirt which apparently was enough.

so Bowling Alley is all I have left, 2,825 meat currently.

Flyering is not complete...

I think it's time to do the gremlins

dino ribs+17(mainly for the +HP buff)

Code: Select all
Junkyard(7)- complete.

My plan was to banish the worthless AMC gremlin but I never faced it.

Code: Select all
Hidden Bowling Alley(37-24)

banish orderlies, use cursed punch/writ of pygemy paper banish on drunk pygrmy. I'm now broke again thanks to bowls of scorpions 112 meat to be exact. After getting my 4th bowling ball I run out of the meat to buy bowls of scorpions. For awhile I think about where the fuck I could go and come back with meat, I decide to just deal with it, throw my short writ at the first lawyer, use my four closested bowling balls / HP/MP regen outfit to heal(since I have no money for buffs/MP either) and get the 5th ball without facing another drunk one.

Code: Select all
Hidden Temple Boss(1)

(Arena flyering at over 80% completed now)

rack of dino ribs+17

Current Meat: 112 I just pointed that out, but I want to point it out again. I have hardly nothing that I can sell besides combat items and potions that would be more helpful than the tiny amounts of meat I'd get.

Being broke sucks, it really forces me to think too much...

so let's see:

Must complete DD for a token
Hole in the Sky
Filthworms w/o a uniform(queen drops pretty decent amounts of meat)
Pyramid-upper, middle etc.

I'd also like to get to the nuns on the battlefield today so I can use hella smooth and bust a move buffs.. and bank my turns for a double dose of hella smooth tomorrow? Tomorrow is so far away.

so the plan is: hatch chamber to gland, get "Shall we dance?" in the knob lab, burn extra turns of item drop buffs(if any) in the Hole in the Sky flyering all that stuff kill the queen for phat meatz....

Code: Select all
hatch chamber(4)- nada

Best laid plans of mice and n00bs...

Code: Select all
Castle in Clouds- inhaler

Code: Select all
(30-21) Daily Dungeon- token

Daily dungeon was enough to finish flyers off, which is not only funny but awesome because now I can start killing stuff on the battlefield and gaining decent chunks of meatz.

drank 3 scotch on the rocks+50

Code: Select all

- I sold some of the beads that dropped and wind chimes traded 20 dimes for 5 war steins. 5k meat how sweet you are.

kitchen sink of item drop buffs... > 45 lb fairy I have no where else to use Stephen's secret formula right? I could DC it, but that would mean holding back and only giving 99% effort in my BM runs.

Code: Select all
Hatch Chamber(2)- gland
Knob Laboratory(1)- You acquire an effect: The Vitus Virus
Filthworms(52-46) other two scent glands...

I have 4 turns of item drop buffs left, well 6 really. Eyedrops are negative meat... which it's not a huge deal since I have some breathing room meat wise, but I've got decent turns left too.
Code: Select all
Hole in the Sky(4)- star chart
Filthworm Queen Chamber- gained 1,630 meat

Orchard cleared: 4,892 meat

Meat problems are now gone. I'm almost at 10k.

Code: Select all
Upper Chamber(6)

- burning the rest of the +item buffs(my hope was somehow getting into the chamber to go for tomb ratchets but I opened it with my final turn of the secret formula buff...

Code: Select all
Battlefield(17)- Nuns unlocked

I thought about going back and forth from the pyramid to the battlefield to get healed from PLD phones but it seemed like I'd forget to go back or I'd screw up it somehow, besides the drops in the pyramid will hopefully keep me MP up without spending my hard earned meatz. Even though I'm out of the woods I'm still in uber conservative mode.

drank shot of mescal+13

Code: Select all
Pyramid(34-0)- defeated Ed

Had exactly enough adventures to kill Ed so I figured I might as well do it and get it over with... usually I save him to kill at the same time as the man so I can buff for them both, but I didn't lose any HP from any of the forms of Ed anyway so...


Light at the end of the tunnel? In just about every BM run that i've ever done I've always had this point that I'd get to where I'd think, I might be able to ascend tomorrow, sometimes I do easily, sometimes I never had a chance...

Turns to start tomorrow: 68

Stuff left to do?

Nuns:20 turns
Battlefield:~17 to unlock the farm and ~35 to clear the battlefield...
DD for a 2nd token: 9
8bit realm: ~20 turns(5 white pixels currently. I did some 8bit realm turn today, I just can't remember when, probably after using the batter up skill...)
Hole in the sky(currently: 1/4/5 in BM I need 4 charts because of the starfish so it's 4:24/20 total): ~ 25 turns
A boo peak: 3 turns
Kill the man, I mean the Dude.

Then the NS quest which is ? turns...

so 68+102+80= 248

possible I suppose...
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so if I don't use the 2nd FoB can I still call it a FFS run?

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Wed Nov 26, 2014 2:48 am

Day 7: Trying to get to KoL Heaven

Turns played thus far: 1117

Turns to start: 59 (I miscalculated 68 yesterday?)
Meat after orchard: 14,495
PvP fites: 100(I forgot to use them yesterday until I'd already thrown on my Nuns buffs)
1,623 stats to level 13

I think I'm going to hold off on my 2nd shot of hella smooth until I see how much meat I'm getting with it and if I'll need it or not.

I'd be happy with 20 turns since I have two inhalers... more than that I'd consider myself a failure and have to retire.

The one bad thing about banking from yesterday at this point is that I start with 0 gallons of fury. I really didn't have any turns left to bank, but I could've not did the pyramid. oh well...

Code: Select all

Didn't need 2nd dose 19 turns means I don't have to retire yet.

Code: Select all

ate 2 dino ribs(for more HP)+30

ate fortune cookie(SR in 42 turns)

Code: Select all
Battlefield(59-20) 154 quarters

14 garters, 24 super amped boomboxen, 6 war steins is what I believe I used them on

I checked the weapons nothing looked very "cool" to be worth 50 quarters.

Code: Select all
The Dude(1)- 5k bowling ball

buff kitchen sinks of HP buffs 774 HP, 11 cold resistance 6 spooky... I'd already used most of the HP buffs already so...

Best I can do... better be enough
Code: Select all
A-boo Peak(4)- cleared
Knob Harem(1)- scented massage oils(3)

the total damage doesn't even take half my HP away... overkill is better than underkilling it though

NS Quest Begins

For other paths, the NS quest has become a joke. In BM it is impossible to be 100% ready for it without spending days and days farming various crap you might need.

Gates: Locked, Flame, Mind.

Black No. 2- check, no gum whatsoever and I have not identified my !potions

I have 4 duplicates, so I'll go to the Hole in the Sky with my mega buffs and toss those and see if I can find the one that makes opponents smarter

or at least the drunk potion... my idea is to always try to be able to pass the gates with the mega HP buffs from the man, I mean dude and the a-boo clues

Can't always get it though, but now I know what I can use for the skeleteon / hedge golems...

I'm switching my bounty to the Astronomers just for some freak of nature possibility of me getting close to completing the bounty or getting it completed.

More weirder things have happened honestly.

Code: Select all
Hole in the sky(1)-star(2),line


Code: Select all
South of the Boarder(13-11)-jabenero

My strategy is boost non combat and item drop(I don't have a mariachi G-string)

and now I can do the skeleton key with HP buffs already up...

still need to do HitS, DD and 8bit realm all of which I'll do afterwards

/aa smack my bitch up(there's only so many ways to do continous thrust, non stop attack or storm bubble before the game doesn't know which combat macro I want to use)...

Code: Select all
Hole in the Sky(11-7) 2 star charts

Told ya weird stuff could happen...

ate dino ribs+17

Code: Select all
HITS(24-20) 3/15/10

my muscle buffs are running out so no more 1-2 hitting without club footing them...

/aa smash

Code: Select all
HitS(20-15) got my fourth star chart

... need 7 stars and 5 more lines

Code: Select all

got another stronomers so 4/6. If I end up needing a mariachi G-string I might finish the bounty grab the lucre, turn it into the extractor and then sniff the irate mariachi...

I don't think there's another drop I need to go to that effort to get. I have black pepper... hmm maybe I'd do it with an NG just because I'd need two lowercase N's

8 bit realm- clearly the idea is to banish the bullet bill...

drank 2 scotch on the rocks+31

Code: Select all
8bit(37-20) digital key

cya tomorrow bullet bill. I didn't have any left-overs to craft any potions, usually it doesn't work out so perfectly even.

Code: Select all
Daily Dungeon- token

Code: Select all
Hedge Maze(10-3)

Tower of Nightmares/Joy

Code: Select all
Floor one: You're fighting El Diablo

Fuck a duck, in the ass without lube. Seriously?

30% base drop, I'm logging into mafia as I type this to see how close I can get with "standard" buffing that is buffs that I can maintain

150%... and I need 334% to guarantee the drop 150% is almost half so statistically I should only have to find two of them?

drank shot of mescal+13 ( I really hope that 200% item drop helps me somehow)... lol..

Code: Select all
South of the Border(16-9) G-string

Code: Select all
Floor 2: Tyro Tex

no chaos butterfly...

ate dino ribs+16

Code: Select all
Ground Floor(24-15) chaos butterfly, banish procrastination giant

Code: Select all
Floor 3: Giant Fried Egg

I mentioned I got black pepper from the one picnic basket that dropped right?

Code: Select all
Floor 4: Bowling Cricket

Remember when I saved the sonar because the scream bat was about to show up for his encorce performance? I'm now a certified genius.

Code: Select all
Floor 5: Flaming Samairai

takes a few turns to get the ninja stars....

Code: Select all
Floor 6: Mine Shaft

buy dude ranch crate

Code: Select all
Hellavator: Lobby(1)

Taking a turn to turn on and off the hellavator is why you don't see me changing it much.

Beat shadow with 4 gauze garters

zap wand failed to give me a lowercase N(2 zaps). It also failed to yesterday.

Valley of RaFLOAMFLO: shit ton of turns finished gate scroll fed to adding machine before I saw 2nd XXX porn

two failed to drop it.

ate dino ribs+16

drank 3 shot of mesca so whatevers and 1 animal cruelty

Plan B, finish the bounty get an extractor and hope the N drops...


Hole in the Sky(43-30) filthy lucre

Valley of RFAFPORNTHINGIEFU(30-25) lowercase N

of course the 3rd time is the charm when I sniff him...

everything is a moot point now, disaster averted.

Code: Select all
Lair(4)- beaten up four times

Code: Select all
Black Forest(3)- black greaves

Code: Select all
outskirts of Cobb Knob(5)- 1/8 bounty so far

Code: Select all
Lair of NS- A winner is me.

Code: Select all
extreme slope(13-3)

Code: Select all
PvP- 66 burnt flowers gained

Code: Select all
extreme slope(1)

break prism- "And you did the whole thing so quickly! The universe is almost undoubtedly as appreciative of your efficiency as I am of your efforts."

Run complete 7 days 1337 turns

Fastest BM seal clubber of all-time... Fastest Non-crimbo Bad moon run of all-time. Fastest BM run of 2014 so far(GL crimbo). The first and only seven day non crimbo BM ever....

Just another day for Frank in his adventures of Bad Moon.


I think without a doubt it's safe to say that twitch is the most broken non crimbo holiday there has ever been for BM.

My goal was 8 days using two Feast of Boris celebrations and thanks to twitch I didn't even get to use the 2nd one(on day 8) because my run was already over.

There's been some broken stuff over the years(the ALL fools day comes to mind...), but with Twitch there's advanced notice on when these events will be. Now you might say that Crimbo is always at the same time every year and while this is true, we don't know in advance what advantages besides the crimbo cafe/advent calendar/crimbo present there will be and things are harder to plan for because of that.

With twitch all the previous zones are available(cept the crash site) and these zones are combo'ing into some pretty cool stuff...
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