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sylverfyre's 3/656 HC HR

Postby sylverfyre » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:53 pm

NEW Sauceror Hardcore not defined ASCENSION STARTED 20141027

This log was created by the Ascension Log Visualizer 3.7.0.

Type69 Mr. Items:
Smith Tome
Grim Brother
Reanimated Reanimator
Thor's Pliers
Winter Garden (Snow machine in workshed. Don't have a DNA lab)

Permed Skills:
(I also picked up Empathy of the Newt since updating this profile)

Code: Select all
===Day 1===

[0] Ascension Start [0,0,0]
     -> Turn [0] none
[1] Rest in your dwelling [6,11,7] <- This is actually a Writing Desk which I winked at and used lightning strike, I think?  I only used free disco rests.
     -> Turn [1] Galloping Grill
[2-7] The Haunted Pantry [40,142,53]
     +> [3] Got chef's hat
     +> [4] Got razor-sharp can lid
     -> Turn [5] Slimeling
     => Level 2 (Turn 2)! (3/5/3)
     => Level 3 (Turn 4)! (4/8/4)
[9] The Spooky Forest [2,10,0]
     -> Turn [9] Galloping Grill
     => Level 4 (Turn 9)! (7/13/8)
[10-11] A Maze of Sewer Tunnels [34,83,29]
[12-18] The Spooky Forest [37,111,41]
     +> [17] Got bottle of vodka
     +> [18] Got mosquito larva, ten-leaf clover
[19] Guano Junction [0,0,0]
     +> [19] Got sonar-in-a-biscuit, sonar-in-a-biscuit
[20] The Beanbat Chamber [13,24,8]
     +> [20] Got enchanted bean, sonar-in-a-biscuit
     }> [20] Disintegrated beanbat
     -> Turn [20] Gelatinous Cubeling
[21-26] The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob [56,135,43]
     +> [24] Got Knob Goblin firecracker
     +> [26] Got box, disease
     -> Turn [26] Galloping Grill
     => Level 5 (Turn 21)! (11/20/12)
[27] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 1, col 1) [0,0,0]
[28] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 2, col 1) [13,32,13]
[29] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 3, col 1) [17,28,20]
[30] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 4, col 1) [12,32,12]
[31] The Typical Tavern Cellar (row 5, col 1) [0,0,0]
     +> [31] Got Typical Tavern swill, Typical Tavern swill, Typical Tavern swill
     -> Turn [31] Gelatinous Cubeling
[32] The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob [9,18,8]
     +> [32] Got chef's hat
     -> Turn [32] Grim Brother
[33-38] The Boss Bat's Lair [79,187,89]
     +> [36] Got photoprotoneutron torpedo
     +> [38] Got empty meat tank, tires
     o> Used 2 grim fairy tale (15 adventures gained) [50,57,49]
     -> Turn [38] Gelatinous Cubeling
     => Level 6 (Turn 37)! (18/29/19)
[39-42] The Outskirts of Cobb's Knob [24,58,22]
     +> [42] Got Knob Goblin encryption key
[43-49] The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency [0,133,0]
[52] A Maze of Sewer Tunnels [9,32,18]
[53] The Dark Heart of the Woods [25,56,26]
[54-58] The Daily Dungeon [46,99,43]
     -> Turn [54] Galloping Grill
[59-67] The Dark Heart of the Woods [85,196,98]
     +> [62] Got furry fur
     +> [67] Got box of birthday candles
     o> Drank 2 Paint A Vulgar Pitcher (27 adventures gained) [27,6,5]
[68-77] The Dark Neck of the Woods [113,216,100]
     +> [71] Got ruby W, wussiness potion
     +> [77] Got dodecagram
     o> Used 1 tonic djinn [0,64,0]
     *> [69] Started hunting Hellion
     -> Turn [68] Slimeling
     => Level 7 (Turn 69)! (25/40/24)
[78-79] The Dark Elbow of the Woods [26,59,24]
[80] Cobb's Knob Barracks [25,79,25]
     #> [80] Semirare: Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain
     +> [80] Got Knob Goblin elite helm, Knob Goblin elite pants, Knob Goblin elite polearm, inkwell
     -> Turn [80] Galloping Grill
[81-86] The Haunted Bedroom [103,211,100]
     +> [81] Got Lord Spookyraven's spectacles
     +> [86] Got antique hand mirror
     o> Used 1 grim fairy tale (6 adventures gained) [30,26,25]
     -> Turn [81] Grim Brother
     -> Turn [86] Slimeling
[88-89] Cobb's Knob Kitchens [0,0,0]
     +> [89] Got Cobb's Knob lab key
[90] Cobb's Knob Barracks [0,0,0]
[91-101] The Defiled Nook [134,329,155]
     +> [92] Got loose teeth, skeleton bone
     +> [93] Got skeleton bone, smart skull
     +> [94] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
     +> [95] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
     +> [97] Got skeleton bone, smart skull
     +> [98] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
     +> [99] Got evil eye, loose teeth, skeleton bone
     +> [100] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
     +> [101] Got coconut shell, little paper umbrella, little paper umbrella, little paper umbrella
     +> [101] Got magical ice cubes, skeleton bone, smart skull
     o> Drank 1 Paint A Vulgar Pitcher (13 adventures gained) [11,0,0]
[102] Mix 1 Typical Tavern swill + 1 coconut shell [0,0,0]
[103] Mix 1 Typical Tavern swill + 1 little paper umbrella [0,0,0]
     o> Drank 1 fruity girl swill (18 adventures gained) [3,33,3]
[104] The Defiled Nook [14,38,12]
     +> [104] Got loose teeth, skeleton bone
     -> Turn [104] Galloping Grill
[105] The Haunted Bedroom [17,46,11]
[106-121] The Haunted Bathroom [303,686,261]
     +> [108] Got fancy bath salts
     => Level 8 (Turn 111)! (34/53/34)
[122-127] The Goatlet [113,228,111]
     +> [123] Got glass of goat's milk, goat cheese
     +> [125] Got goat cheese
     +> [127] Got goat cheese
     *> [123] Started hunting dairy goat
[128] Cook 1 scrumptious reagent + 1 glass of goat's milk [0,0,0]
[129] Cook 2 scrumptious reagent + 2 hellion cube [0,0,0]
[131] Cook 2 Hell broth + 2 dry noodles [14,14,12]
     o> Ate 2 Hell ramen (86 adventures gained) [77,93,76]
[133] The Haunted Gallery [25,37,18]
[134-138] The Dark Elbow of the Woods [44,77,39]
     +> [138] Got eldritch butterknife
     -> Turn [134] Slimeling
     -> Turn [138] Galloping Grill
[139-143] The Haunted Gallery [75,152,79]
     +> [140] Got broken sword
     +> [142] Got pitchfork
[144-148] The Haunted Ballroom [144,242,155]
     +> [145] Got Knoll mushroom, dance card
[149-151] The Defiled Cranny [49,129,51]
     +> [150] Got bottle of whiskey
[152-160] The Spooky Forest [42,154,47]
     +> [156] Got Spooky-Gro fertilizer
     +> [157] Got Spooky Temple map
     +> [160] Got spooky sapling, ten-leaf clover
[161] Hippy Camp [13,27,7]
     +> [161] Got filthy corduroys, filthy knitted dread sack
     }> [161] Disintegrated crusty hippy jewelry maker
     -> Turn [161] Slimeling
[162] Cobb's Knob Kitchens [0,0,0]
[163] Cook 1 unfrosted Knob cake + 1 Knob frosting [0,0,0]
     +> [163] Got Knob cake
[164] Throne Room [5,22,10]
     -> Turn [164] Galloping Grill
[165-178] The Defiled Niche [420,753,430]
     +> [166] Got loose teeth
     +> [168] Got lime
     +> [170] Got boxed wine
     +> [173] Got Knob sausage
     *> [165] Started hunting dirty old lihc
     -> Turn [178] Slimeling
     => Level 9 (Turn 170)! (45/68/44)
[179] The Dark Neck of the Woods [13,31,7]
[180] The Dark Heart of the Woods [25,59,16]
[181-189] The Obligatory Pirate's Cove [55,127,63]
     +> [183] Got stuffed shoulder parrot
     +> [185] Got bottle of rum
     +> [186] Got swashbuckling pants
     +> [189] Got eyepatch
[190-204] Barrrney's Barrr [301,449,308]
     +> [190] Got bottle of rum
     +> [197] Got bottle of rum
     +> [201] Got mariachi G-string
     +> [203] Got bottle of rum
     -> Turn [190] Galloping Grill
[205] Cap'm Caronch's Map [17,37,19]
     +> [205] Got smart skull
[207] The Infiltrationist [0,0,0]
[209] Barrrney's Barrr [0,0,0]
     o> Used 3 twinkly wad (3 adventures gained) [26,30,28]
     -> Turn [209] Slimeling
[210-218] The F'c'le [190,228,109]
     +> [210] Got mizzenmast mop
     +> [213] Got rigging shampoo
     +> [217] Got ball polish
     +> [218] Got anticheese, coconut shell, coconut shell, coconut shell
     +> [218] Got little paper umbrella, magical ice cubes, ten-leaf clover
     o> Drank 1 open sauce (15 adventures gained) [25,25,21]

===Day 2===

[219] Smith 1 lump of Brituminous coal + 1 saucepan [35,81,33]
[221-227] The Haunted Bathroom [146,286,155]
     +> [221] Got loose teeth
     -> Turn [223] Galloping Grill
     -> Turn [227] Oily Woim
[228-235] The Defiled Alcove [165,419,164]
     +> [230] Got rusty grave robbing shovel
     +> [232] Got loose teeth
     -> Turn [235] Galloping Grill
[236] The Defiled Cranny [28,63,32]
[237] The Defiled Nook [30,53,36]
     +> [237] Got bottle of whiskey, skeleton bone
[238] Haert of the Cyrpt [23,46,11]
     +> [238] Got bottle of rum, chest of the Bonerdagon
     o> Used 1 chest of the Bonerdagon [150,165,150]
     -> Turn [238] Slimeling
     => Level 10 (Turn 238)! (60/85/59)
[239-261] The Penultimate Fantasy Airship [309,744,306]
     +> [243] Got metallic A
     +> [249] Got Tissue Paper Immateria
     +> [250] Got Tin Foil Immateria
     +> [254] Got Gauze Immateria
     +> [260] Got Plastic Wrap Immateria
     *> [245] Started hunting Quiet Healer
[262] The Limerick Dungeon [0,0,0]
     #> [262] Semirare: The Bleary-Eyed Cyclops
[263-267] The Penultimate Fantasy Airship [60,105,48]
     +> [267] Got S.O.C.K.
[268-270] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Basement) [40,95,45]
     +> [269] Got original G
     -> Turn [268] Grim Brother
[271-281] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) [210,461,240]
     o> Used 2 grim fairy tale (11 adventures gained) [49,64,52]
[282-283] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) [44,101,46]
     +> [282] Got thin black candle
     +> [283] Got giant needle, ten-leaf clover
[284] Itznotyerzitz Mine [25,40,23]
[286-293] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) [107,277,124]
     o> Used 1 grim fairy tale (7 adventures gained) [28,28,21]
     -> Turn [286] Galloping Grill
[294] Cook 2 scrumdiddlyumptious solution + 2 stench nuggets [0,0,0]
[297] Wok 2 stench and sour sauce + 2 dry noodles + 2 MSG [0,0,0]
[298] Cook 1 scrumdiddlyumptious solution + 1 stench nuggets [18,47,25]
     +> [298] Got star chart
     o> Ate 3 stinky hi mein (118 adventures gained) [135,285,92]
[300-315] The Hole in the Sky [271,639,320]
     +> [305] Got star chart
     +> [307] Got star chart
     *> [300] Started hunting The Astronomer
     -> Turn [300] Slimeling
     -> Turn [315] Galloping Grill
[316-318] The Daily Dungeon [53,115,57]
[319-329] The Haunted Bathroom [176,559,188]
     +> [325] Got bottle of gin
     +> [328] Got bus pass
     -> Turn [329] Reassembled Blackbird
     => Level 11 (Turn 329)! (71/104/71)
[330-343] The Black Forest [239,540,262]
     +> [334] Got broken wings
     +> [336] Got black picnic basket
     +> [338] Got Knob sausage
     +> [340] Got bottle of rum
     +> [341] Got sunken eyes
[344] The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency [0,0,0]
[347-349] The Haunted Ballroom [31,61,37]
[350-355] The Haunted Wine Cellar [97,238,93]
     *> [355] Started hunting possessed wine rack
     -> Turn [350] Slimeling
     -> Turn [355] Hobo Monkey
[356-359] Mist-Shrouded Peak [56,116,65]
     o> Drank 6 astral pilsner (72 adventures gained) [80,45,47]
     -> Turn [358] Galloping Grill
[360-362] The Haunted Wine Cellar [63,156,60]
     +> [361] Got bottle of whiskey
     -> Turn [361] Slimeling
[363-365] The Haunted Laundry Room [66,131,55]
     *> [363] Started hunting the cabinet of Dr. Limpieza
[366] Cook 1 bottle of Chateau de Vinegar + 1 blasting soda [0,0,0]
     -> Turn [366] Galloping Grill
[367] The Haunted Boiler Room [25,60,18]
[368-369] Summoning Chamber [23,59,24]
[370-371] The Poop Deck [0,334,0]
[372-373] The Hidden Temple [0,0,0]
[376-379] The Shore, Inc. Travel Agency [0,192,0]
[382] The Haunted Laundry Room [16,37,14]
[383-389] The Hidden Park [84,192,90]
     +> [389] Got spider web
     }> [388] Disintegrated pygmy janitor
[390] An Overgrown Shrine (Northwest) [0,0,0]
[391] An Overgrown Shrine (Northeast) [0,0,0]
[392] The Hidden Office Building [0,0,0]
[393-401] The Hidden Apartment Building [224,486,222]
     +> [394] Got box
     +> [396] Got loose teeth
[402-410] The Hidden Office Building [226,474,235]
     +> [404] Got imp air
[411] An Overgrown Shrine (Southwest) [0,0,0]
[412] An Overgrown Shrine (Southeast) [0,0,0]
[413-420] The Hidden Hospital [170,379,179]
     +> [416] Got skeleton bone
     +> [418] Got bottle of gin
     -> Turn [420] Slimeling
[421-433] The Hidden Bowling Alley [265,500,278]
     +> [430] Got Knob mushroom
     *> [421] Started hunting pygmy bowler
[434] A Massive Ziggurat [48,130,59]
     +> [434] Got barrel of gunpowder, bronzed locust
     -> Turn [434] Galloping Grill
[436-439] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [72,168,69]
[440-441] The Oasis [18,40,16]
     -> Turn [441] Slimeling
[442] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Top Floor) [0,0,0]
     #> [442] Semirare: All The Rave
[443-444] The Oasis [36,79,39]
     +> [444] Got drum machine
[445] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [18,38,22]
[446] The Oasis [0,0,0]
     -> Turn [446] Galloping Grill
[447-451] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [106,243,111]
[452] The Oasis [0,0,0]
[453-457] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [106,231,124]
     => Level 12 (Turn 454)! (84/125/84)
[458] The Oasis [0,0,0]
[459-463] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [120,238,131]
     +> [460] Got barrel of gunpowder
[464] The Oasis [0,0,0]
[465-469] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [112,235,120]
[470] The Oasis [0,0,0]
[471-472] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [43,104,42]
     +> [472] Got worm-riding hooks
     -> Turn [472] Slimeling
[473-474] Belowdecks [30,110,31]
     +> [474] Got snakehead charrrm, snakehead charrrm
     *> [474] Started hunting gaudy pirate
[475-489] Inside the Palindome [300,630,273]
     +> [475] Got ketchup hound
     +> [476] Got stunt nuts
     +> [478] Got barrel of gunpowder
     +> [484] Got loose teeth
     +> [489] Got photograph of God
     *> [475] Started hunting Racecar Bob
     -> Turn [476] Galloping Grill
     -> Turn [489] Slimeling
[490-493] Whitey's Grove [42,107,43]
     +> [490] Got bird rib
     +> [493] Got lion oil
[494-496] Wartime Frat House [25,137,22]
     +> [496] Got beer helmet, bejeweled pledge pin, distressed denim pants
     }> [496] Disintegrated War Pledge
     -> Turn [494] Galloping Grill
     -> Turn [496] Slimeling
[497] Wartime Hippy Camp (Frat Disguise) [43,127,56]
     +> [497] Got barrel of gunpowder, barrel of gunpowder, coconut shell, little paper umbrella
     +> [497] Got little paper umbrella, magical ice cubes, magical ice cubes
     o> Drank 1 Psychotic Train wine (26 adventures gained) [192,0,0]
     o> Drank 1 tropical swill (15 adventures gained) [26,3,2]
     o> Used 3 twinkly wad (3 adventures gained) [28,32,27]

===Day 3===

[500] Hippy Camp [24,46,21]
[501-502] Wartime Hippy Camp (Frat Disguise) [20,48,15]
     +> [501] Got round purple sunglasses
[503] The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert [22,49,18]
     +> [503] Got Mega Gem, bullet-proof corduroys, reinforced beaded headband, ten-leaf clover
     -> Turn [503] Galloping Grill
[505-509] The Upper Chamber [75,186,91]
     -> Turn [509] Slimeling
[510-513] A-Boo Peak [56,125,65]
     o> Used 1 handful of Smithereens (1 adventures gained) [0,0,0]
[514-520] Oil Peak [123,262,131]
     -> Turn [514] Galloping Grill
[521] Twin Peak [14,42,16]
     *> [521] Started hunting bearpig topiary animal
[522] rusty hedge trimmers [0,0,0]
[523-528] Twin Peak [70,148,78]
[529] rusty hedge trimmers [0,0,0]
[530] Twin Peak [19,37,17]
[531] rusty hedge trimmers [0,0,0]
     -> Turn [531] Exotic Parrot
[532-535] A-Boo Peak [17,39,15]
     -> Turn [535] Galloping Grill
[536-539] Next to that Barrel with Something Burning in it [72,140,71]
     +> [539] Got gremlin juice, molybdenum hammer
[540] Over Where the Old Tires Are [17,56,18]
     +> [540] Got molybdenum crescent wrench
[541-544] Near an Abandoned Refrigerator [73,209,73]
     +> [544] Got molybdenum pliers
[545-546] Out by that Rusted-Out Car [91,152,80]
     +> [546] Got molybdenum screwdriver
     o> Ate 1 Miserable Pie (9 adventures gained) [14,15,21]
     o> Ate 1 Sogg-Os (6 adventures gained) [24,52,27]
     o> Drank 1 Strikes Again Bigmouth (9 adventures gained) [0,0,7]
[547] The Feeding Chamber [27,64,25]
     -> Turn [547] Slimeling
[548-551] The Royal Guard Chamber [108,240,93]
[552-557] The Middle Chamber [134,213,115]
     +> [552] Got tomb ratchet, tomb ratchet, tomb ratchet
     +> [555] Got tomb ratchet
     -> Turn [557] Hobo Monkey
[558-565] The Themthar Hills [249,520,232]
     -> Turn [565] Slimeling
[568-575] The Middle Chamber [132,338,149]
     +> [570] Got tomb ratchet
     +> [572] Got tomb ratchet
     +> [574] Got tomb ratchet
     +> [575] Got tomb ratchet
     *> [571] Started hunting tomb rat
[576] The Lower Chambers (Token/Empty) [0,0,0]
[577] The Lower Chambers (Rubble/Bomb) [0,0,0]
[578] The Lower Chambers (Empty/Rubble) [0,0,0]
     -> Turn [578] Galloping Grill
[579-582] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [90,215,87]
     -> Turn [582] Hobo Monkey
[583] The Filthworm Queen's Chamber [17,57,20]
     -> Turn [583] Galloping Grill
[584-614] The Battlefield (Frat Uniform) [740,1683,726]
     +> [614] Got ten-leaf clover, ten-leaf clover
     => Level 13 (Turn 606)! (100/148/99)
[617] The Lower Chambers (Empty/Empty/Ed's Chamber) [30,75,33]
[618-623] Ed the Undying [198,453,177]
     +> [623] Got ten-leaf clover
[624] South of the Border [34,59,28]
     +> [624] Got jaba&ntilde;ero-flavored chewing gum, lime-and-chile-flavored chewing gum, pack of chewing gum, pickle-flavored chewing gum
     +> [624] Got tamarind-flavored chewing gum
[625] The Daily Dungeon [6,21,7]
     +> [625] Got Boris's key, Jarlsberg's key, Sneaky Pete's key
[627-633] 8-Bit Realm [45,104,46]
     +> [630] Got bottle of rum
[634-635] The Haunted Gallery [7,28,11]
     }> [635] Disintegrated cubist bull
[636-642] Sorceress' Hedge Maze [123,271,120]
[643] Sorceress Tower: Level 1 [61,162,68]
[644] Sorceress Tower: Level 2 [90,142,71]
[645-647] The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor) [31,71,34]
     +> [647] Got plot hole
     *> [647] Started hunting Possibility Giant
     -> Turn [645] Slimeling
     -> Turn [647] Galloping Grill
[648] Sorceress Tower: Level 3 [78,153,62]
[649] Sorceress Tower: Level 4 [0,0,0]
[650-651] The Valley of Rof L'm Fao [6,30,14]
[652] Sorceress Tower: Level 4 [60,167,67]
[653] Sorceress Tower: Level 5 [57,175,62]
[654] Sorceress Tower: Level 6 [64,146,83]
[655] Sorceress Tower: Shadow Fight [56,128,44]
[656] Sorceress Tower: Rain King [17,53,17]
Turn rundown finished!
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Re: sylverfyre's 3/656 HC HR

Postby sylverfyre » Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:54 pm

- Rain skills:
- Thunder: Thunderstrike, Thunder down Underwear, Thunder Thighs.
- Rain: Rain Man, Rain Delay, Rain Dance (trying this instead of Make it Rain.
- Lightning: Ball lightning, Lightning Strike, Riding the Lightning

Thought process:
Thunder: I will be picking up a 4th thunder thigh from my first rain monster encounter for Thunder thighs and pick up thundercloud sometime on day 1 (probably from the daily dungeon with Thundercloud enabled.) I rely a little TOO heavily on thunderstrike to survive 150ML with my relatively low spell damage. I'll pick up thundercloud later on at some point.
Rain: It seems like it could save turns since I have a difficult time capping 234% item drops with my skillset.

- Sell pork gems
- Buy toy accordion, mini life preserver, detuned radio (set to 10 and forget), pool skimmer, maiden wig and third-hand lantern.
- Summon smiths make Hairpiece and A Light.
- Restore MP with free rests.
- Cast leash, mojo, Disco nap (need some hp!) Take guild quest.

Rain man a writing desk, Reanimator wink.

Smooth movements and Sonata to see if I encounter "Oh no, hobo" while doing guild quest. If I don't get a hand in glove from this noncombat, I'll Rain man one and olfact it.
I'm starfishing with my Grill here to regen MP.

Didnt get the Oh no hobo adventure (got a chef hat though!) so I rain man'd one up and got the hand in glove. (Cast olfaction, get dirty glove first fight anyway with only ~+150% items)

First Rain monster shows up now. It's only a 3 turn window, so i'm going to spend 3 turns powerleveling in the sewers. I USUALLY don't get beaten up doing this even if I fail to get the jump (The water level makes this hard) because Thunder Down Underwear is so good. I'll lightning strike if it looks like my stuns will wear off.

If I lightning strike here, I'll spend the turn burning off delay in Spooky Forest, since I know I won't be fightning a rain monster this turn. I lightning struck a goldfish because I had bad luck with Soul Bubble lasting 0 turns (+60 ML from depth) and couldnt kill it with just thunderstrike. Got a thunder thigh and used it on thunder cloud.

I then like to do the bat hole right away, because I want to use my first yellow ray on a beanbat. I pick up a heavy duty umbrella to lower the chance of my sonar washing away. I won't bother killing the Aquabat until I do the tavern, so I can breeze through it with the Sockadollager damage buff and not worry about difficulty.

Writing desk timer is up, so i'll burn some of the delay at the knob with my cubeling.

Level 5, I'm gonna do the tavern now, then boss bat, and hit level 6. (Running about 70 real ML not counting depth - aria, ash soda, radio, glove.) I got 1 tangle of rat tails, and an open sauce which might makes its way into my consumption today (No CSA or other easy access to awesome quality booze on day 1 except the speakeasy).

I started doing the outskirts again, then remembered i was going to kill the aquabat instead. Turn on polka and get my grim brother out - I intend to use this meat for Antique accordion and The shore. I then clear up the outskirts.

Then I get a little stumped. I've hit level 6 and gotten the encryption key but I would love to open level 2 spookyraven before popping Silent Running and would love to set the ballroom song of those before doing the friar quest. However, I need 2 more writing desks from romantic fights AND 15 more raindrops for the 5th desk. I am still missing lockpicks but that I could get a writing desk out of the Daily Dungeon as long as I don't need lockpicks, but I need lockpicks after all. I do the shore, then go to the sewers so I have +6 water level for my writing desk.

Then I figure screw it, I'll do the stupid friars quest with only -10% noncombats - the worst that can happen is it takes 5 adventures to hit the NC sometimes (at which point it's guaranteed.) I now see why Yojimbo doesnt do the writing desk trick because it messes with day1 sequencing. I also buy icy glare because I'm stuck with Saucestorm and Saucegeyser for damage spells. Once I get the lockpicks (and catfish whiskers!) I go do the daily dungeon.

I'm an idiot and got beaten up by a pencil because I wasnt paying attention to the damage-return-on-melee-attack they do. After I get my token I go back to the friars. I'm running low on adventures so I make 2 vulgar pitchers. I'm not sure if I'm gonna use the third smithereen for this yet, so I don't commit.

I olfact hellions even though I'd prefer to eat hi meins, but will resort to ramen on Day 1 if I have to (if I don't get enough meat for hi meins. Spending meat on skills sucks.)

Semirare! I get the KGE outfit. I use the slimeling because if a piece washes away, it can pickpocket it. That said, I have yet to see a piece wash away, so maybe they can't? I'm pretty sure I've seen my black cat knock a piece away though... I also have 50 rain now, so I summon my final writing desk, and lightning strike it.

Up to spookyraven floor 2 - first the bedroom. I'm pretty happy that I get a hand mirror and both ornate nightstands naturally. I then go to the knob and cyrpt because i still don't have thunderclap and my rain monster is up. I can't olfact again yet, so it's gonna be the +items section. I also have the rain to use 10 rain on Rain Dance. Interestingly enough it will likely only cost me "7" rain instead of 10, since i'm only 1 rain tick behind my next 3 rain men, and I doubt I am going to spend more than 100 turns today. This is probably a good reason that Rain Dance is better than Make it Rain - your first use each day only costs 7 rain, unless you can blow through 300 rain in 1 day.

I got the lab key while looking for cake bits, so thats all the knob im doing for now (i wanted access to knob eyedrops)

THen I walk into the defiled nook without healing from the hp loss of equipping "not thunder down underwear" and get promptly beaten up. Oops.

My meat is looking pretty shabby right now, I have no idea how I'm gonna afford hi meins. I also only have 2 spooky nuggets. 34 adventures after going up to 14 liver, also have some hippy protest buttons to smash for 3 twinkly wads so effectively 37 adventures without using stomach.

I go back to the bathroom... and get beaten up by the cosmetics wraith because apparently it hits a lot harder (66 damage) than the other stuff up there (~40 damage) and i went into the fight with only 50 health, intending on thunderstriking it. This costs me ~4 turns to find the makeup box again. This is why we can't have nice things, because you wander around at 30% health and can't win initiative on anything with all this +ML.

On the Trail finally wears off, and I'm low on turns, so I go to the goatlet, and decide my food plan today, since I cant afford any hi meins, is 2 hell ramen and a Ghost Dog for the -Combat%. Up to 108 adventures after eating. Then back to the manor! I plan to do the Louvre, Ballroom Song, Friars quest, NC/ML cyrpt, Spooky Forest Hidden Temple Unlock, and finally the NC/Initiative out of the way (approximately in that priority order) in the 25 adventures of Silent Running/30 of Scaredy Dog I have remaining (also running Smooth and Sonata of course, and picking up a Bram's Choker once my raindrop count can do so, since I have 50 Mysticality now.)

However, my rain monster window is up so I'm going to go outdoors where I have 4 water level for a catfish whisker. -20 NC should be fine for the friars quest bits that are left anyway - they go fast and I get a catfish. I notice one problem though... only 2 hot wings. Erp? Maybe I'll get one from the pool skimmer (which I havent been running as often as I'm supposed to.) I'm going to hold off on actually using the ritual pieces til I get my last hot wing I guess, but ill do that when I dont have 1/day noncombat buffs running.

A 4-D guitar washes away. Sadness.

Clear the cranny in 3 adventures, then the spooky forest falls too, but I only have a few adventures of NC left and I wouldn't mind waiting til tomorrow to make a +Initiative smiths weapon for that section. I haven't gotten a free box from the pool skimmer (happened in a previous run) so there is no pressure to complete the cyprt yet.

I'm going to go use my yellow ray cooldown for a hippy outfit now that my thundercloud wore off. (and hey, free reodorant for the pirate quest, and a drum too.) A peace sign washes away, whatever.

My special buffs have all worn off, so I'm going to fight the knob king. I throw on some useless garbage just to be safe. I also take off the hand in glove, just to be safe.

I then start the liches, but get beaten up because one didn't die to a saucegeyser that I thought it was certain to die. I then misclick on the knob kitchens in my last adventure tree after healing at the hot tub. I am an idiot.

I still only have 2 hot wings, so I go pick up a third. I pick the wrong part of the forest once - dark heart has the most hot wing-dropping imps, not the neck. 2 adventures spent getting the third wing isn't bad though.

I then go to get the pirate outfit - 2 pieces from noncombats and 1 drop. Grab the insult book and start collecting insults (I actually can't even afford the bridge right now.) I de-equip the Hand in Glove because this place is dangerous with the crappy eyepatch and pants instead of the usual ultra high absorption + huge max health buffer. Heal after every fight syl, don't get beaten up AGAIN (do I even have hot tub uses left?) The noncombats suck here, so I'm running musk and cantata. I still get the map before hitting 6 insults. I finish up the insults then use the map and blueprints. Win beer pong on the first try. I'm at 44 rain right now - I'd like to summon one more thing today - probably a Mountain Man. However, without rain dance (it wore off) I can only hit about 210% item drops rather than capping out. I decide to do the F'c'le now anyway, even though I want to leave the water level low and I'll end up getting a stupid gourmet gourami oil out of it. I put the hand in glove back on, but turn off Ur-kel's Aria and use my 3 twinkly wads so I don't get oneshot by pirates. I banish the chatty pirates with thunder clap, the clingy pirates with a cocktail napkin, and actually don't have a quest monster fail to give me a cleaning implement, and finish the F'c'le quickly. I only get 1 needless noncombat (the choice one) and accidentally clicked the muscle substat option instead of Mysticality. Woops.

Finishing the F'c'le I have 51 raindrops. I'll summon a mountain man (no YR - I'll YR another one after rollover) and call it a day. I actually get 2 asbestos ore from it though (leftover knob eyedrops from the F'c'le working overtime) so I don't need to YR the one after rollover! I actually dont know what I want to Yellow Ray after rollover now, lol. Maybe I'll bump up baa'baa'bu'ran earlier in my Rain Man summon plan?

Remaining Rain: 1 drop
Remaining Lightning: 4 bolts

==== Day 2 ====

Day starts, and I summon Baa'baa (and YR it, since I lucked into 2 ore natural-drop from Mountain Man yesterday) and my first Ninja Snowman Assassin. I plan to clover for my third ore, and summon 2 more assassins, and a Lobsterfrogman which I'll use the reanimator wink on.

I thought I needed to hit level 10 before I can do anything productive. I have an antique mirror so I'm cranking noncombat and heading to the Haunted bathroom. Then I realize I still need to finish up the cyrpt (initiative corner) It's fine, because I'm still going to need a few turns of leveling anyway. I got lucky, because after getting 1 mirror adventure, then clearing the cyrpt, I'm only 40 substats into level 10.

Level 10 quest is pretty uneventful. I get Silent Running after about 20 adventures in the Airship, to make sure I get the last immateria and the SOCK ASAP since the delay has run out, and the NC will carry into the castle section. I don't get an amulet despite olfacting quiet healers and running catfish whisker with ~+220 items, but I do get an assault umbrella. In the basement, I unfortunately get the amulet option (and have to take a dumbell) but get the umbrella option shortly after. In the top of the castle, I get the one that leads to steampunk right away, so my lack of Mohawk wig doesnt punish me. Hole in the sky goes normally, and I'm pretty close to level 11 and finish it off in the Bathroom.

Level 11, I run +combat in the forest with the blackbird but still get 3 blackberries from 2 noncombats before finishing the quest. I already have a drum, so I'm not concerned with trying to get one from the black church. Pick up the ID papers and get the diary.

I usually start this quest with spookyraven. It took me less than 5 adventures to set the ballroom song previously, so it takes a few more to burn off the delay before We'll all be Flat shows up. I did get both ornate nightstands before the ballroom gown, so I don't need to backfarm the bedroom fortunately. I go to the basement and make the wine bomb, using one SGEEA to shrug on the trail from wine racks before doing the laundry room. I then get beaten up by Soggyraven despite doing my normal preparations - he hit me with the initial hit, then I stunned him and I had him 1 turn from dead when thunderstrike wore off, but he hit me with a physical hit instead of elemental (which I would have resisted sufficiently to live.) I do it again, this time also removing ur-kel's aria.

I then unlock the Hidden City, and take 2 shore vacations (one for UV compass, one for the eventual tower item) because I'm in a rain window and if I bring the rain window down to 0, then I can guarantee a catfish somewhere I'm not adventuring, then go back to what I was doing. This works, and I get the catfish whiskers and head off to the hidden city. I knock over a dumpster while looking for the machete, and then after that I decide to use Ball Lightning on a Pygmy Janitor to open the tavern - I have 130 adventures left so it should be back up in time for getting a Frat war outfit at the end of the day. (I could fax in a frat spy otherwise, but I'm not planning to)

I also get a surgical apron from a second dumpster random items. It's my first shirt all run, might as well just default it for the protection. I get the machete, and buff up FamiliarXP with Corsican and Hot Socks to level my Hobo Monkey for the nuns quest later.

I like to do the Apartment/Office in tandem. I first go to the office until I encounter a Lawyer, and I thunder clap it (turn costing banish - I don't want this to count down the delay for the apartment, so I do it here - Then I do the apartment building (only office workers + shaman show up, so I don't need to olfact and I'll clear the zone without risk of hitting the 9th adventure without thrice-cursed. I have some liver free if I need to drink a cursed punch anyway, though.

Then I do the Hospital, and I should have olfacted surgeons but I was low on SGEEA and I forgot I had the tavern open and thus had no need of olfacting Bowlers (need to find more bowlers than surgeons, so usually bowler is better.)

I want to burn off olfaction naturally as I am running on only 3 SGEEA, so I do the desert. The drum machine shows up very quickly, and I was briefly considering using a rain summon on a Banshee and Killing jar, but it's not necessary - by the time I have 15 pages, I'm at 70% exploration.

I hit level 12 at the tail end of the desert, but I need to get the Talisman of Nam before starting the Frat-Hippy war (because the pirates disappear during the war) so I do that, and I do the palindome since my Yellow Ray isn't ready yet anyway. It goes uneventfully, though I should have used -combat to get the photographs faster - I got I love Me Vol I before the last photograph, which isn't ideal.

Time is running out in the day, so I go yellow ray a war Frat boy (after spending 2 adventures - both noncombats - without realizing that it's occuring because I'm not wearing the hippy outfit...durr) but I don't start the war - I can do that tomorrow with Silent Running, and YR a hippy while I'm at it. I'm at 71 rain, so I summon the 5th and final lobsterfrogman and cast rain dance twice.

==== Day 3 ====

With 498 turns played, my consumption plan today is focused on turn-saving, rather than turn-generating - I shouldn't need much more than 150 turns to finish the run. This means no Hi-meins (which cost 2 turns each to make) and using things like Video Games hot dog and Hot Socks for the buffs they provide to accelerate quests. It also means my eating will often happen without milk of magnesium (I only have 1 remaining) It also means I'm skipping the final semirare, which will occur sometime when I'm in the NS tower. I won't need it, and have better plans for booze than using a speakeasy drink on a lucky lindy.

First thing I do is summon a Ghost and wink at it. Then I swim submarine sprints and commence starting the frat-hippy war.

It only takes 3 turns to start the war, so I didn't get a complete hippy outfit - but that's ok. You can closet all your war uniform pieces (For me this was the frat outfit + 1 round purple sunglasses), and there's a special adventure in the Desert to get the war hippy outfit for the nuns trick. I do this, then pull my stuff back out of the closet and get started on the war sidequests.

Pick up my rock band fliers, harvest my winter garden (which I haven't touched all run, so I get a frost flower) and make 4 snow boards for the level 9 quest, and I settle on an ice house for the free runaway. I do the level 9 quest, flyering all the way. Even without the +items of frost flower, it only takes me 4 adventures to get 3 a-boo clues - which is good, because the hermit has been stingy with clovers all run so I don't want to clover for A-boo clues - I need the 2 clovers I have for Blessed Large Box and (I hope) Chewing Gum. I clear the level 9 quest without anything spectacular going on (I do need a 6th adventure at oil peak to finish the Jar) Then I do gremlins, and the upper part of the Pyramid.

Now I buff up for Filthworms (you can do this at any point as long as you're out of uniform) and middle pyramid - Consumables I'm buffing with are Smithereens, miserable pie, bigmouth, video games hot dog, Frost Flower, Hot socks, and Knob buffs. I hit a snag, however - Manbearpig Topiary Animal is still olfacted, and I need to save 1 SGEEA for Teleportitis because my telescope isn't fully upgraded so I dont have all the tower items. Also, I can't do nuns yet because I haven't finished the flyer quest (for winklered) I decide to go ahead and do the +item quests. What I should have done is use Thunder Clap + Louder Than Bomb (or ice house) to banish everything that's not a Tomb Rat from middle pyramid, but I didn't think of that at the time. What I do is just banish Tomb Asps, and suffer the fact that I'm encountering only 50% rats. This ends up costing me 2-3 turns after "under control." I also got beaten up by a Tomb Servant because I didn't realize I was running +200 ML (due to depth changes) and was trying to stagger and stun him with Weaksauce, Ply Reality, and Thunderstrike.

However, I do jump out of the pyramid immediately when the flyers are done (~5 adventures in middle pyramid), get winklered and buff up for the Nuns (most of the buffs are compatible, I just avoided using Knob eyedrops - I was over 400% items anyway.) Most of my meat buffs are also item buffs (except for Knob nasal spray and the icyvapohot inhaler) and thanks to corsican and hot socks, my Hobo monkey has a few pounds naturally in addition to the +30 lbs I'm buffing for him. With +900% meat, I end up with the dreaded "1-2 turns remaining" in the hippy outfit - I lower my meat buffs a bit to guarantee that it's guaranteed to be 2 turns remaining, do 1 more turn in the hippy outfit, then switch and rain man a Brigand to get the final meat, and therefore quest credit, while wearing the frat uniform.

I now have all the sidequests done (filthworms aren't turned in, of course) and enough wheel-turns for the pyramid. My rain has accumulated some, so I summon the Quantum Mechanic for the Blessed Large Box (paste large box + ten leaf clover) and then I clear up these last 2 quests, pick up a bunch of Gauze Garters (Shadow + boss fight emergency button) and a couple "emergency" boom boxen (delevel+stagger+damage in case if something goes wrong during the Rain King fight) and kill Ed and Wisnaqua. I did have to use 1 gauze garter against Wisnaqua, but the fight went fine.

I made a mistake finishing off my digital key - I need 9 white pixels so I Rained up a Blooper to olfact it, but forgot to olfact it. Woops. Costs me a couple extra turns in the 8-bit realm, though this ended up leaving me with enough random pixels to get one Red Pixel Potion, which would later save me during the Shadow fight because I got 3 very low rolls on my Gauze Garters, leaving me at risk of dying before getting the 5th garter off (even though I went into the fight with 400 health and winning iniative. I don't have Funkslinging)

I still need a Guitar, but Everything Looks Yellow is gone so I go to the Haunted Gallery (which has fewer distinct monsters than Belowdecks) and YR a Cubist Bull for the 4-D guitar. The tower wasn't super interesting. I use Dumb Mud on a Fried Egg because black pepper sucks. I had some of the items but was missing a Plot Hole (took me 2 or 3 adventures + 1 louder than bomb to get) and a Meat Vortex (same) I forgot to make another louder than bomb to freerun from the 6th floor as I have the trip scrip already, but needed to know which crate to get.

Shadow goes down with the one hiccup I mentioned before, and then I pile on all the pointless potions, nuggets, and powders for the Rain King. He's more of a waterfall king as I push him out the tower and victoriously claim my Beautiful Rainbow prize! Oh, I guess there's King Ralph over there trapped in the prism. I guess I'll let him out too. 3/656 Hardcore Heavy Rains!
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