Frank's Crimbo 2013 BM AT 7/1337(comments welcome)

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Frank's Crimbo 2013 BM AT 7/1337(comments welcome)

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Tue Dec 24, 2013 7:59 pm

Crimbo 2013, what can I say. I've waited years for you.

I'm ascending with 4 bots that I'll use this run... A level 3 food bot, a level 2 food bot (giving me 5 total per day) and two level 3 booze bots( for six drinks per day), I made the bots the day before ascending, meaning when I ascend they'll give me one day worth of their crafted stuff).

Day one my plan will be to eat all 5 foods then buy pride, adventure in a consumable SR area starting at turn 70, most likely back alley to fill out my drink and save one for tomorrow.

Day one goal? I'm not going to say it, I'm afraid I'll jinx myself. [spoiler] My goal is liver, there's probably never been anyone in a BM run that got day one liver...[/spoiler]

As always comments are welcome and appreciated. I don't know everything about BM I just pretend I do.

So ascension start!
Toot Oracle, sell gems 2500 meat, 2/3 claw machine 20 meat
Crimbo KLAMPUS place, got 5 foods and 6 boozes, closet 2 boozes. Eat food and booze gain 122 adventures
level 3!
Buy pride, buy envy, chew gums get volleyball, buy terrarium, put it in and take it with me.

Back Alley(161-155)- 4 spider webs, bum cheek, no accordion, stole own pants, buy moxie mad, buy accordion power skill whatever the fuck it's called.

Spooky Forest(154-144)- larva, no acccordion, got terrarium meat, unicorns, bar accordion, finally.

This is actually probably the one I need HP/MP regen is totes important right now.

Typical Tavern Cellar(143-141)- The idea was to get some MP to cast moxie mad a few times.

Untinker to start screwdriver quest

De Grassi Knoll Garage(140-132)- 5 gearheads = 4 toolboxes, was enough to get the parts, tires, bugbear outfit

Sold everything to get the meat to assemble the meatcar, including the bugbear outfit

Got guild meat for EW quest, I absolutely have no intention of making an EW, EW are for suckers as an AT there's no point in it at all.

Beach moxie vacations(131-122)
Level 4!

bought +initiatve song

Haiku Dungeon(121-112) gravy fairy boat

Tavern(111-109) one square away from shiny ring

Beach moxie vacations(109-92)- stats wonderful stats
Level 5!

Turn #70 back alley(91-86) bum cheek, chronologically pummellled, spider web, gourd potion, 3 distilled wines
Level 6!
drank 2 wines gained 11 adventures

buy accordion bash

Friars Quest(96-91)- hot plate

I started in the higher level areas because I had a few turns of chrono pummelled left, I don't want to face a W imp and not get the W though so I have to go to the bottom left corner.

Outskirts(90)- restoring a bit of HP/MP with the barritone.

Why are these guys so difficult? Oh yeah, I need the accordion from the guano junction....

Junction(89)- pp sonar in a biscuit and steal the accordion.

Can't really ask for more in a single turn there...
Friars / Outskirts(88-75)- The friars is still a difficult zone even with a 2 shot accordion. I don't have my KGE pants on or a knob crown(meaning my HP is pretty low) since I speeded a little bit to hit level 6 ASAP. I guess the reason I am doing the outskirts is to give myself a chance at the KGE pants, encryption key and a chance to heal "cheaply"

Barracks(74-71)- pp pants, pole arm drop first turn, second turn lice third turn is the locker, outfit complete.

Kitchens(70-67)- cake ingredients, no key

buy oven, bake cake,

Knob king(65)- crown, 2,000 meat,

Friars / cellar (64-49)- I'm still needing to heal HP/MP and so I can cast buffs

Barracks password buy knob eyedrops

Dark Heart(48-35)- wussiness potion, ruby W

Liver of Steel

Comedy Club(35-26) Azrielle item, 1 bus pass...

Arena(25-14) Azrielle item, 3 imp airs

Styx buff hella smooth, knob eyedrops (obviously), +initiative son, observational glasses

I haven't found the rat yet, don't have time, don't have time for anything most likely

Arena(13-10) 2 imp airs

Club(9-1) 4 bus passes

Level 7! Turn 172

Steel Margarita, drink liver of steel

N00b cave- Suprizeling!

so I managed to get liver of steel day one. Just another day for Frank in Bad Moon.

Tomorrow I'm not sure if I'm going to buy gluttony or not, it all depends on how the lunchbox splits I suppose. I am going to love not having to hunt for booze and food this run though, it will make things a lot easier, way easier. It might even free up some semi rares for hidden temple guy maybe some cyclops eyedrops, who knows... we'll see how things play out.
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Day 2

Postby TheDownstairsFrank » Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:58 am

20 turns of burrito blessing from the day before 1/3 claw machine, don't have enough meat to get phat loot ( about 500 meat short)

I have a lot of BM meat adventures that I haven't gotten at this point. A couple of which I could get instantly if I'm lucky. Also speaking of luck there's a triffid bounty. That is awesome, I faced one triffid yesterday, hopefully I face 3 more before completing the spooky forest.

Eat and drink stuff gain 142 turns, 19 drunk and 13 fullness used. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to buy gluttony at the end of the day so I can eat my last warbearbread. If not I'll eat another fortune cookie after I get my SR which I'm not sure what I'm going to pick up yet. I don't need a consumable (I'll pick up wines after this one and be done with consumable SRs). Maybe cyclops eyedrops to help with the F'cle. I usually just use the flushed but idk it would save turns and it would allow me to finish the F'cle quicker than I normally do, hopefully anyway.

Time to get the party started though

Hellavator level 11! I usually don't bother with the extra stats from a hellavator, it doesn't make a huge difference and it makes meat management difficult as shit, but can't hold back on a speed run.

Degrassi Knoll Garage(181-178)- well you can't blame me for trying for an easy 2,000 meat can you? I suppose it's best to try and get the knob mushroom with phat loot... least that is what the RNG is trying to tell me it looks like.

Knob Kitchen(176-165) knob mushroom, cook prego mushroom, baby gravy fairy in terrarium take it with me

Whitey's Grove(164-161) lion oil ( using my burrito blessing up, couldn't think of a better place)

South of The Boarder(160-154) mariachi g string, gum, maripan skull(3), good farmer candy....

bought phat loot AND five finger discount with my new found meat and instantly became broke again....

Pantry / Spooky forest(153-150) 0 triffids but I found UNICORNS? I thought I got the BM meat adventure yesterday, oh well, got it now I suppose.

Tavern Cellar(150-146) found Baron Ratsworth
Pantry Spooky Forest(145-142)
Baron got monocle(141)

Guano Junction/bean bat chamber( 141-134)- 2 sonar in biscuits, enchanted bean

Next turn is the scream bat, I believe I'll fight the scream bat and save a sonar

Crypt Nook(133-130) 0/3 evil eye( I used up the rest of my hella smooth buff, no luck, I need a fatter fairy)

Junction(129)- scream bat, boss bat lair unlocked

Volleyball Lair(129-125) boss bat dead

Entryway(124)- meat
Cake shaped Arena(12 turns)
Haiku Dungeon- eyedrops

you might be wondering why I spent 12 turns in the cake shaped arena and there's a simple explanation. I fucked up, seriously. I used my volleyball instead of my fairy not only did I not notice it until I got my familar equipment, but I lost 2 fights, ugh. That really sucked, I'm really freaking ridiculously stupid, I haven't lost a simple fight up to this point but that is a horrible waste of turns and meat. Oh well.

Crypt Lots and lots of turns with 90 turns left my evil meter was at 155 I'd gotten evil eyes, rusty shovels, and a dead guy's watch so far. At 76 turns remaining my evil meter was at 129. I did get a little unlucky my first turn in the cranny was a non combat and then I didn't see another one, guess that means it took 21 turns... oh well.

I get it down to the 4 sub bosses and I'm almost level 8, so I kill one of them and get even closer like 19 stats away from level 8,

Pantry for three turns LeveL 8!

Goatlet, use burrito blessing (47-41) goat cheese(4), saber teeth

Whitey's Grove(40) bird rib

so I got my wet stew ingredients. I have a brief case and 3 hot wings so I guess that means that I should go for the frilly skirt?

Degrassi Knoll Gym(39)- frilly skirt maid wig

Beach shore( three moxie vacations to unlock the island)
Pirate cove(30-15) pirate outfit, jolley roger charrrrm brrraclete

Next I wrote down outskirts(5)- spoky manchain? I have no idea what that fucking means, I didn't go to the outskirts I did at some point go to the mine and get 1/3 on the mining outfit... maybe the pantry, I did go to the billard room for one turn to get hand chalk to use against the bonerdagon
Crypt(4 turns) dead bonerdagon

To be fair I needed the 3,000 meat from the bonerdagon so badly that the guy had a legitimate chance to beat me in the fight, but he didn't, just like everyone else day one and two they failed to beat me up, or I succeeded in not letting them beat me up. Whatever.

Billard Room(6 turns)- library key

I waited till I was at zero turns to buy gluttony... ate warbear bread +14 adventures

Barrrney's Bar(11-0) 6 insults, cap'm's map, 3 cocktail napkins.

Uncloseted a warbear booze nightcapped +12 adventures, equip my DGW and that's all folks as far as day two is concerned.
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