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salticid's 4/779 hardcore AoJ

Postby salticid » Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:36 pm

This log has two parts, the descriptions of why I did what I did below and this spreadsheet which is the actual log. I think this division should make the log more useful for others. Also, this calculator by ElectricBolter was essential for doing this run.

Before ascending, I make sure I have skeletons planted and Eudora is set to magazines. I take the belt, energy drinks, and go wallaby.

Some general strategy:
From the tome, I will use clip art to get 2 unbearable lights and 1 skull each, except day 4 where I may decide to get an extra skull instead of a light depending on how my tower item situation looks. Day 1, I zap a beanbat and a harem girl. Day 2, I zap a hippy and either the Burly Sidekick or the Spunky Princess (for the items needed to get through the rest of the lvl 10 quest, the umbrella is also helpful). Day 3, I zap the airship monster I missed and Racecar Bob. Day 4, I zap a frat warrior and possibly a tower item. Skulls will be used the defiled niche, goatlet, and gremlins.

Librams will be divines for 2 rares and resolutions for all the rest. Crackers & poppers save turns at the hedge maze.

Clovers: 1 for sonars, 2 for boo clues, 1 for gum, 1 for ultrahydrated, and the rest for leveling.

Day 1
Grab skills, visit toot, pull pan, pick garden and make skis, sell gems, use tent, use magazine, switch Eudora to pen pal, buy and tune radio, buy bugbear beanie, use hatter buff for +MP, and summon geeky gifts.

Now, my first goal is to eat and drink to fullness to get some base stats as well as the equipment I will be needing. I have 39 MP and can use 2 free rests to summon meat, dough, and some other stuff like clip art and librams. With dough and meat, I can make 2 lambics. Drinking these catapults my max MP to 48 and I go up two levels. Three more rests and I have all my food and drink: a breakfast sandwich, omega sundae, sauerkraut, and 3 chunky marys (1 for nightcap). I also make all 4 high-end staves and the staff of the light lunch to use until I can equip those. This leaves me with 4 eggs, 2 potatoes, and 2 creams to use on companions today, which is plenty.

My first task is to yellow ray at beanbat. Not that used the hot tub here. My strategy is always going to be to compare how much ML I can run without getting beaten up to the ML I have. In this case, with 90 initiative, I can only run 45 ML. If I use the cream puff, I would have 60. I could technically take off the astral belt and have 40, but the potato +30 ML is worth more stats.

Next I want to powerlevel until my mainstat is 50. This might seem crazy when there are so many other things to do, but there are several benefits: getting the ballroom song on to help in other zones, getting the towel, and being able to use the high-end staves day 1. All of these save turns and I don't think early powerleveling is going to waste many turns.

I want to avoid my semirare because that would waste a turn. Neither KGE or hidden temple are viable options. I combine the boss bat chamber (with wealthy resolution), game level 1, and the greater than sign to achieve this. The dungeoneers kit will be used to get rid of teleportisis and later on, to make A-boo peak go faster. I should also note that I have 5000 meat at this point.

Even with the +15% initiative from the cheese staff, none of the remaining locations allow me to use the cream puff, so I switch to the Hippotatomous.

I want to get the wand today not only because it may come in useful later, but because I have a chance to get the ring of aggravate monster. In fact, I did pick one up.

Finally, I use just enough turns to yellow ray a harem girl. I happen to not have another companion, but the stat loss is minimal at this point. Before I end the day, I make sure to get clovers, maximize MP and get extra resolutions using all my free rests, get that last pool buff, and use my nightcap.

Day 2
After I build the skeleton skiff, I rest and summon all my consumable ingredients. This time I make 2 breakfast sandwiches to get more cream puffs. I only drink the chunky marys for now because I will wait to combine consumable stat gains with the shower buff.

I need to use my yellow ray right away. It would be great to get the hemp string from a hippy so that I can make the bonerdagon necklace, but it is OK if I do not get it too.

The goblin king should be dealt with next because I already have the hippo out. I can use the shower buff now and eat (I just didn't want to waste a turn of it while I got the perfume). Then, I switch to the radish horse to do the alcove. I want to do something a little different for the cranny and the alcove. I expect that I will get hit, so I get a turtle helmet and use the drink me potion for +50 HP. Now I can take a hit from a modern zmobie. Damage ranges from 28-44. Once I have the boss up, I switch to the cream puff and cranny. Swarms do 58 damage. This is a great place to use the staff of life because you can heal up after being hit. The bosses do 58-82 damage with gristlesphere running.

I want to note that the makeshift skirt is now useable. Unfortunately, the bonerdagon has a good chance of beating your ass into the ground and to avoid this, I take my ML way down to just the MCD. I use the scope buff and whatever else I have to hope for the best. All I have to do is land boil once. Studded belts and one last use of the staff of life are really useful here (he doesn't seem to block jiggles).

I use the chest, do the leaflet quest, and install the house. Note: at this point I have 6000 meat. Now I want to do the goatlet. Burrito blessing and the pan will help, but to really make this go fast I want to banish the other goats. A divine popper would work well here. I also use the pool table buff because goats have a high imitative rating. I am now going to line up all the spots where I need to farm items and use resolution to be happier, the +item calorie potion, and the pool buff for +noncombats. I will occasionally jiggle to get items I need. I want to point out that the sk8board and leotarrrd are good items to snag along the way. Also remember that the zap wand can help get an outfit piece and I can always wait another day to finish a zone if it means gets another chance at a zap.

I still have the pool buff running and I do not want to waste it, so I do things that will benefit from +noncombats.

I know the booty crab is going to hit me, so I focus on DA and HP. He does 75 damage and I defeat him.

I can equip the makeshift cape now. For the smut orc logging camp, the initiative is not known, but I can say that with 55 ML and 90 initiative, I was getting hit. So this is a good place to use pool buff until the jacker is olfacted. the jacker has more planks and since I have a loadstone for bolts the two balance out more or less.

At this point there not many good places for stats which will also level me up to 10. I can spare one clover for leveling today and then do the rest in the bathroom.

I hit level 10, but I have 16 turns left before I can use my yellow ray. I blow a few turns in the highlands, then do the tavern quest.

Before I end the day, I make sure to get clovers, maximize MP and get extra resolutions using all my free rests, get that last pool buff, use an astral energy drink, and use my nightcap.

Day 3
The equipment requirements are higher than my actual stats, so I need to use the icy and oil peaks to get those needed stats. I want to run a lot of ML in these zones, so instead of trying to get the jump, I maximize HP and make sure that I can take the hit. The icy peak is a nice place to use the staff of life.

When I get the level 11, the first thing I want to do is get spookyraven's ear trumpet. For spookyraven, I switch to +HP and +DA gear, use oilspehere and black paint.

Nothing else really special on day 3.

Day 4
I left A-boo Peak for so long because the quest reward is not really worth much and at this high level, I can max my HP and elemental resistance enough to do it in the minimal amount of turns. So this is where I get to use the umbrella, makeshift turban, puddinskin, and protection from bad stuff.

Gremlins are really tough to do. Ideally, you want to max ML to get flyers done, but you also don't want to get beaten up. Summoning the skeletal buddy reduced the damage you take, but also causes the gremlins to take damage each round. Staff of life helps a lot here. Basically, you have about 10 rounds to get the right message. Banishing the wrong gremlins will also speed things up.

For the shadow, the shock belt is a life saver. You need to have a good amount of HP. The staff of life is helpful too if you have a jiggle left.

Some final thoughts
- I had some really bad luck with tower item farming, gremlins, and the filthworms. This was partly balanced by a good beach, but I was expected the run to be 30 turns faster. I also got beaten up here and there because there were still some zones to be tested. In other words, I think there is a lot of room for turncount improvement,
- I think drinking 2 lambics on the last day is better than chunky marys since you don't need more turns and the stats are helpful.
- Taffy should replace resolutions, which I had way to many of at the end of my run. You just have to use them in places with some noncombats because it is not possible to eek out every last stat point from these.
- Using a clover for ore and then zapping is much better than trying to get the miner outfit.
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