Volc's 4/791 HC AoJ run (bugged log; 16 skills)

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Volc's 4/791 HC AoJ run (bugged log; 16 skills)

Postby Volc » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:00 pm

NEW Pastamancer not defined not defined ASCENSION STARTED 20130315

This log was created by the Ascension Log Visualizer 3.7.0.
The basic idea and the format of this parser have been borrowed from the AFH MafiaLog Parser by VladimirPootin and QuantumNightmare.

Edit: The run is complete at 4/791, but the visualizer is giving problems with trying to visualize the remainder of the log. I'll try to get around it later.

Posting this to see how my current strategy works, I suppose, as well as to prove that you don't need much set-up to perform 4 day runs. My last run (14 skills) ended up being a 4 dayer with maybe a hundred turns left over, so I certainly won't be needing turngen from a time halo / borrowed time if the turncount is to be decent.

No point in a full profile since IotMs and skills are heavily restricted, so a quick list of IotMs relevent to the run:
Jarlberg's Pan
VIP key
Tome of Clip Art
Libram of Resolutions
Libram of BRICKOs
Libram of Candy Heart Summoning
Sorcerers of the Shore Grimoire
Skeleton Garden
GameInformPowerDailyPro subscription card
Camp Scout Backpack

Ended up using three shards for a big of a jump start, and five HC runs were done prior to this one, so I'm starting with 16 skills.

===Day 1===

[0] Ascension Start [0,0,0]
+> [0] Got ten-leaf clover
#> Turn [0] pulled 1 Jarlsberg's pan (Cosmic portal mode)
-> Turn [0] none

The telescope reveals a decent tower this time around, with a need for spiky hair gel, bath salts, plot hole, sonar in a biscuit, inkwell, baseball and tropical orchid. The plot hole is a bit of a problem now since the probability giant's drop rate for it is much lower than before, plus the lack of a non combat that easily provides it. The baseball & sonar will be tricky as well, since I don't want to use too many clovers if I can help it.

1 clover day, no noteworthy bounties.

The basic plan for skill distribution was to offer maximum turngen as well as the better turncutting skills as soon as possible, and having this many skills ensures I can get some good stuff to work with. Used the eggstaff early on, started running chocosphere by level 3 and had the necessary skills to make omega sundaes by level 4.

Summoned a hippotatomous from turn 1; I was expecting to use all of my summoned cream for my diet, so I went with the safer method for extra stats today. Between that, using three skeletons for 90 turns of the +2 stat weasel benefit (and the last two for skis for extra initiative; planning to make the skiff on day 3), the pan/hat and the radio, I was getting some pretty good stats, which sped up levelling considerably.

[1-2] Outskirts of The Knob [2,13,0]
+> [2] Got Knob Goblin firecracker
[3] Haunted Pantry [0,0,0]
+> [3] Got razor-sharp can lid
[4] Outskirts of The Knob [3,14,1]
=> Level 2 (Turn 4)! (3/6/1)
[5-9] Spooky Forest [19,47,23]
+> [9] Got unbearable light
=> Level 3 (Turn 7)! (4/8/4)
[10-17] Outskirts of The Knob [19,68,21]
+> [10] Got BRICKO bat, BRICKO bat, unbearable light, unbearable light
+> [14] Got chef's hat
+> [17] Got Knob Goblin encryption key

Unfortunately, I greatly underestimated combat without a chefstaff, and I stupidly lost the first combat. Otherwise, the first turns were spent at the low level zones, unsurprisingly. Buying the bugbear beanie allowed me to run the +25 MP mad tea party buff in order to summon advanced cosmic ingredients without much trouble. Also used libram summons primarily to get a couple free bricko fights, then librams en mass. Didn't get any resolutions to be smarter until the end of the day, unfortunately.

Normally my clip art summons are two unbearable lights and a time halo for day 1, but considering I had more than 15 turns left over, I decided to just sub in a third unbearable light instead, so I can distribute my later summons better.

[18-25] Haunted Pantry [39,71,37]
+> [25] Got ten-leaf clover
o> Ate 2 Omega Sundae (93 adventures gained) [89,266,91]
o> Ate 1 consummate sauerkraut (1 adventures gained) [0,28,18]
=> Level 4 (Turn 19)! (7/13/7)
=> Level 5 (Turn 25)! (13/22/13)

By the time I finished the pantry, I had reached level 4, and thus obtained the ability to make Omega Sundaes. I ate to capacity (after running the april shower's myst gain effect), and it basically bumped me to level 5 immediately. Couldn't make anything other than the sundaes until learning fry, which would come later, so it meant I had no spare cosmic cream to work with. The cream puff / cream staff will have to come tomorrow.

I believe I learned working lunch at level 5 in order to improve stat gains by another 1.5 per fight.

I used the swimming pool for reduced combat frequency here, mostly to play it safe when I still had little hp. I would have probably been fine with the cosmic pan, so I'll likely just stick with the ML next time, especially in the earliest zones.

[26] Guano Junction [26,39,16]
+> [26] Got sonar-in-a-biscuit, sonar-in-a-biscuit
[27-32] Haunted Billiards Room [17,61,29]
+> [28] Got pool cue
[33] Beanbat Chamber [10,11,6]
+> [33] Got enchanted bean, sonar-in-a-biscuit
[34-39] Haunted Library [49,93,32]
+> [35] Got inkwell

I was deciding on how to use my yellow ray here, along with how to handle the baseball & sonar matter. I decided that I'd use two yellow rays to seal the matter - one on the enchanted beanbat for the usual sonar + bean (as well as to finish the bat hole today), then another tomorrow on a baseball bat, which will drop the baseball and sonar in one fell swoop. I should be able to use cheese staff banishes to ensure it doesn't take too long, and it will let me use clovers to skip the mines later, along with handle anything else later on.

The library and billiards room both went very well. Not only did they both take a minimal number of turns, but I also got the inkwell without a fight, even while running only +10% item drops (from the staff of the healthy breakfast). Lucky break!

[40-49] Haunted Bedroom [89,231,120]
+> [45] Got Lord Spookyraven's spectacles
o> Drank 2 Bologna Lambic (18 adventures gained) [0,80,55]
o> Drank 2 Chunky Mary (24 adventures gained) [0,0,78]
=> Level 6 (Turn 43)! (18/30/21)
[50] Haunted Ballroom [0,0,0]

Between 75% initiative, the tobiko marble soda from the grimoire summon (+150% spell damage) and blender, the bedroom was easy to handle (although it gave me a curious lack of a fight that forced me to log on with vanilla KoL before it would fix itself. Might have been mafia behaving strangely). The ballroom also gave the ability to set the non combat song on the first adventure, and levelling here also bumped me to level 6 in the process.

Upon hitting level 6, I learned nightcap and simply drank to capacity with the best booze I can make.

[51-62] Spooky Forest [39,91,26]
+> [55] Got mosquito larva
+> [56] Got Spooky Temple map
+> [61] Got Spooky-Gro fertilizer
+> [62] Got spooky sapling
[63-70] Dark Elbow of the Woods [62,124,48]

With the bedroom done, I still had 20 turns or so until the semi rare window started. In case the elite guard captain semi rare didn't show up, I wanted to unlock the hidden temple so I could try for the baa baa bu ran there and get some easy stone wools for later. With -25% frequency, the entire spooky forest quest was pleasantly quick, and the rest of my turns were used to start the friars quest a little.

[71-73] Cobb's Knob Barracks [12,30,20]
+> [71] Got Knob Goblin elite polearm
+> [72] Got Knob Goblin elite pants
#> [73] Semirare: Knob Goblin Elite Guard Captain
+> [73] Got Knob Goblin elite helm

The semi rare came up on the third adventure, yielding the full uniform, but I had already gotten two pieces from the locker non combat. In hindsight, I should have went to the temple immediately, since the helm would have likely been easy to obtain on its own. Oh well, at least it only took three turns to get the full outfit, and I can try for stone wools later in the run.

[74] Dark Elbow of the Woods [0,0,0]
+> [74] Got eldritch butterknife
[75-77] Dark Heart of the Woods [0,0,0]
+> [77] Got box of birthday candles
[78-83] Boss Bat's Lair [35,78,34]
+> [83] Got Boss Bat bandana, Boss Bat britches
[84-90] Haunted Bathroom [26,292,33]
=> Level 7 (Turn 89)! (23/40/26)

Ironically, finishing these friar sections quickly can backfire when one doesn't obtain the necessary hot wings for later. Hrm.

Decided to finish the boss bat's lair and use the final turns of the skeletal buddy buffs before returning back to the friars, as well as get started on powerlevelling. After all, I would need the eggman for later, which is what I learned at level 7.

[91] Cobb's Knob Barracks [0,0,0]
[92-94] Cobb's Knob Kitchens [0,0,0]
[95] Cook 1 unfrosted Knob cake + 1 Knob frosting [0,0,0]
+> [95] Got Knob cake
[96] Throne Room [19,42,21]
+> [96] Got Cobb's Knob lab key

Finishing up the knob goblin quest followed in order to get goblin eyedrops for those hot wings, which went uneventfully.

[97-100] Dark Neck of the Woods [4,19,4]
+> [100] Got dodecagram, lavender candy heart
[101-106] Dark Heart of the Woods [38,96,35]

Hot wing collecting, on the other hand, did not. The dark neck was also completed quickly, yet I had zero hot wings.
I tried to sidetrack back to the heart (where two out of three monsters dropped hot wings), but despite having some +item buffs as well as the cosmic pan, I still got only one hot wing. Frustrated, I decided to return later upon summoning the eggman and getting a cheese staff to get rid of that pesky Fallen Archfiend that kept popping up.

[107-125] Haunted Bathroom [72,1110,68]
+> [107] Got fancy bath salts
=> Level 8 (Turn 125)! (25/53/28)

Considered the crypt quickly, but I basically needed the high level staffs to finish almost every corner quickly (could have done the ghouls, but I would've preferred to have more than 30 ML running for that), so I went back to the bathroom to powerlevel to 8 quickly. With -20% combat frequency, it didn't take very long. I naturally got fancy bath salts for the tower along the way, along with a useful towel for later. The makeshift skirt's +15% initiative is handy.

I also summoned cosmic cheese at level 8, getting my cheese staff to control the niche and goatlet to my liking.

[126-140] Defiled Niche [65,405,48]

The niche came first, and after banishing the non-dirty lihces, it went by quickly enough, plus yielded some good myst stat non combats along the way.

[141-150] Defiled Alcove [65,176,71]
+> [141] Got rusty grave robbing shovel
+> [144] Got loose teeth
+> [148] Got loose teeth
+> [149] Got green candy heart
+> [150] Got loose teeth

The alcove, unfortuantely, was less forgiving. Even with 155% initiative (I couldn't summon a yellow candy heart), I only fought two modern zobmies. When the final clan pool table buff faded, I decided to return to it tomorrow.

[151-152] Dark Heart of the Woods [13,24,8]
[153-157] Defiled Nook [25,78,22]
+> [153] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
+> [154] Got evil eye, loose teeth, loose teeth, skeleton bone
+> [155] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
+> [156] Got evil eye, loose teeth, loose teeth, skeleton bone
+> [157] Got evil eye, skeleton bone, smart skull
[158-162] Goatlet [24,44,16]
+> [160] Got goat cheese
+> [161] Got glass of goat's milk, goat cheese
+> [162] Got glass of goat's milk, goat cheese
o> Drank 1 Chunky Mary (11 adventures gained) [0,0,30]

With the need for items upon me, I finally summoned the eggman here. With its +75% bonus, I got the last two hot wings almost immediately, allowing me to end the quest without a hitch.

Started the nook as well, immediately using all five of my meatstaff charges for five easy evil eyes. The last effort of the day was to complete the goatlet early on, using a couple more cheese staff banishes and the +food drop blessing from the friars to guarantee it at 5 adventures.

Despite a couple hiccups here and there, day 1 went pretty well, so I'll just have to remember to not make the mistakes that I did next time. For skills learned at this point:

Breakfast - Up to summon dough, sidetracking for most important meal and eggman
Lunch - Up to lunch like a king, sidetracking for conjure cheese and working lunch
Dinner - Up to never late for dinner, sidetracking for hippotatomous
Dessert - Every skill learned except for +100% spell damage
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Re: Volc's HC AoJ run (in progress; 16 skills)

Postby Volc » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:03 pm

===Day 2===

Start of the 2nd day. Another daily dungeon with two keys, and there were two clovers today, which offered just enough to handle the mines with ease. Still no noteworthy bounties, though.

Three skeletons were used for the +2 stat benefit, while two were left over in order to make a skiff at the start of the third day.

[163-165] Itznotyerzitz Mine [0,0,0]
+> [165] Got BRICKO oyster, BRICKO oyster, orange candy heart, pink candy heart
[166-169] Guano Junction [3,11,2]
+> [169] Got baseball, orange candy heart, sonar-in-a-biscuit

With the three clovers, the mines were trivial enough to finish right off the bat. I think one strategy lately is to get the zapping wand on purpose in order to potentially zap an ore and save a clover, so I'll probably have to attempt that next run. I'd rather just stick with my usual strategy for now anyways. There's always that slim chance of needing teleportis for the third gate, after all, and thus not needing a wand at all.

After that, as planned yesterday, I went for the guano junction in order to yellow ray a baseball bat for the baseball & sonar for the tower. Three banishes later, and that was secured. In hindsight, though, I might have been better off using only 1-2 and saving the others for later. Oh well; this situation is more of an anomaly anyways.

[170-172] Defiled Alcove [29,63,32]
[173-175] Defiled Cranny [20,73,26]
[176] Defiled Nook [12,21,8]
+> [176] Got evil eye, loose teeth, skeleton bone

With that, I summoned some more cream and summoned a cream puff (as well as made the staff of the cream of the cream) in order to speed up the cranny and to simply allow for faster levelling. I also ran the swimming pool's +ML buff, though, so 80 ML was tricky to handle. The +50 hp from the mad tea party's thick-skinned buff was a life saver here, since it allowd me to barely survive whenever I lost initiative.

The cranny was, fortunately, very quick with all the ML I was running, and it didn't take much (aside from a pool table buff and meatstaff charge) to finish the alcove and nook (aside from one lingering skeleton) as well.

In hindsight, I probably could have went to the tavern with the 80 ML, but then again, I'd be likely to encounter useless non combats along the way without coffeesphere. Its either that or I'd need to strategize with +elemental damage and find non combats I can skip on purpose. Either way, I can consider doing it earlier next run.

[177-179] Haunted Bedroom [37,140,34]
[180-181] Defiled Nook [27,75,26]
+> [181] Got skeleton bone
[182] Defiled Niche [20,43,21]
[183] Defiled Alcove [21,43,20]
+> [183] Got loose teeth
[184] Defiled Cranny [16,51,19]
[185-186] Haert of the Cyrpt [42,107,59]
+> [186] Got chest of the Bonerdagon, skull of the Bonerdagon, vertebra of the Bonerdagon
o> Used 1 chest of the Bonerdagon [150,173,150]

I briefly considered attempting to get the hand mirror here, but after a few adventures, I worried that I might end up losing the initiative (especially without running the cheese staff) when running this much +ML, so I decided to go for said mirror later.
After this, though, the rest of the crypt's bosses were finished off while running the april shower's +myst buff. The bonerdagon kept blocking my skills the first round, though, so I needed a second attempt to win.

[187-202] Haunted Bathroom [348,1169,342]
+> [190] Got fancy bath salts
=> Level 9 (Turn 190)! (38/70/40)
[203-205] Haunted Bedroom [46,118,58]
+> [205] Got antique hand mirror
[206-229] Haunted Bathroom [120,2075,121]
o> Drank 2 Bologna Lambic (18 adventures gained) [0,73,52]
o> Drank 2 Chunky Mary (25 adventures gained) [0,0,78]
o> Ate 1 Loaded Baked Potato (59 adventures gained) [0,204,100]
o> Ate 1 Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich (35 adventures gained) [32,65,0]
o> Used 1 astral energy drink (32 adventures gained) [0,0,0]
o> Ate 1 consummate sauerkraut (1 adventures gained) [0,30,19]
=> Level 10 (Turn 221)! (41/86/46)

Between needing fry for epic dishes that didn't require so much cream as well as the ability to summon 5 ingredients rather than 4 to begin with, I decided to just rush straight to level 10, which didn't take very long. With the two skills in tow, I was able to eat and drink to capacity while still having some ingredients left over for companions. I also used the energy drink a bit early, since I didn't think 2-3 adventures would make a difference. If they did, my turncount would end up being much too high anyways.

At turn 202, however, thick-skinned ran out, and even with +135% initiative or so, I still lost the jump versus a hair clog, so I abandoned that strategy and switched to a safer hippotatomous instead. With that done, though, it was safe enough to finally secure that hand mirror to make the mirror non combats more effective. I'm not entirely sure if it is worth the effort and meatstaff charge, though, but I had more than enough to use today anyways.

[230] Fantasy Airship [11,24,5]
[231-241] Smut Orc Logging Camp [78,216,68]
[242-247] Hidden Temple [30,80,20]
+> [242] Got eyepatch

My second semi rare window came up, so I figured that it wouldn't hut to see if the temple semi rare sprang up for a couple easy stone wools. After briefly considering the airship, I decided to instead just spend some turns making some progress on the bridge. Not much can be done at this stage, even after switching to an eggman, but its something at least.

The hidden temple didn't yield a semi rare, but I did get an eyepatch, stone wool and serpent jewel without too much fuss.

[248-268] eXtreme Slope [103,282,113]
[269-272] Mist-Shrouded Peak [54,101,41]
+> [272] Got crystal skull, potion of the litterbox, too legit potion

The extreme slope, fortunately, doesn't contain a semi rare, but less than fortunately, it took a good 14 adventures to secure the full outfit. Non combats were horribly scarce for some reason, despite running chocosphere. I wonder if the ninja route is faster once I have coffesphere, since the slope is certainly frustrating when it yields useless monster after useless monster.

At least I got the extremity quickly enough, and the peak went by without any fuss.
Used my clip art summons as here, mostly to summon a couple items for days 3/4 sooner rather than later (litterbox for the hole in the sky / filthworms, too-legit for the gremlins) as well as a crystal skull to make up for the lack of banishing today.

[273-294] 8-Bit Realm [85,256,87]

The bad luck continues, sadly. Even after using the final two cheese staff banishes as well as the crystal skull, it took about a dozen adventures before I found my first blooper, yet I fought four useless keese before then. Very frustrating; took quite a while to get that digital key despite the queue manipulating.

[295-319] Fantasy Airship [177,390,169]
+> [299] Got Tissue Paper Immateria
+> [301] Got metallic A, photoprotoneutron torpedo
+> [304] Got Tin Foil Immateria
+> [306] Got ocarina of space
+> [309] Got Gauze Immateria
+> [317] Got Plastic Wrap Immateria
+> [319] Got S.O.C.K.

The airship was, fortunately, more forgiving, since I got an amulet of extreme plot significance as well as the spiky hair gel for the castle & tower respectively, even if it took up my last cream staff charge for the day, as well as leaving one more meat staff charge. I decided I'd use that final item supercharge to get a drum machine before nightcapping.

[320-322] Giant's Castle (Basement) [24,45,21]
+> [321] Got furry fur
[323-333] Giant's Castle (Ground Floor) [83,239,86]
+> [327] Got plot hole
o> Used 1 very overdue library book [51,76,57]
[334-345] Giant's Castle (Top Floor) [93,284,144]
[347-358] Haunted Bathroom [100,804,95]
=> Level 11 (Turn 358)! (51/104/55)

The bottom floor was very quick (unsurprisingly), the middle floor was predictable (used a semi rare to secure the plot hole for the tower), but the top floor took longer than usual, once again yielding fewer non combats than expected. Ugh. At least the quest is done and the hole in the sky unlocked.

Wanting to use my last meatstaff jiggle before the day ended, I went ahead with powerlevelling to level 11 in order to make a small dent on the macguffin.

[359-366] Black Forest [59,207,56]
+> [360] Got black picnic basket
+> [362] Got Black No. 2, broken wings
+> [366] Got adder bladder, empty meat tank, sunken eyes, tires
[367-369] Muscle Vacation [0,0,0]

I usually use a couple spare cheese staff banishes here in order to get rid of the repetitive monsters, but despite not having any, it took a reasonable number of adventures to secure the map, reassembled blackbird and a drum for the mariachis.

[370-371] Desert (Unhydrated) [0,0,0]
[372] Oasis in the Desert [0,0,0]
[373-377] Desert (Ultrahydrated) [50,131,59]
[378] Oasis in the Desert [0,0,0]
[379-383] Desert (Ultrahydrated) [57,122,60]
[384] Oasis in the Desert [0,0,0]
[385-388] Desert (Ultrahydrated) [23,90,32]
[389-393] Oasis in the Desert [31,82,28]
+> [389] Got stone rose
+> [393] Got drum machine
[394-395] Desert (Ultrahydrated) [23,53,20]
[396-401] Daily Dungeon [0,0,0]
o> Drank 1 Chunky Mary (12 adventures gained) [0,0,39]

The desert, on the other hand, reminded me yet again of how absolutely horrid the entire quest is. It only took two adventures to unlock the oasis, sure, but another 14 were needed just to find Gnasir in the first place. It took a little while to find a blur to meatstaff for that drum machine as well, so I was down a good 25 adventures or so with maybe a third of progress through the oasis quest to show for it. Not good at all; I can only hope I can finish it up quickly tomorrow.

Also remembered to do the daily dungeon quickly before nightcapping. No monsters came up, but the two locked doors were sufficient to keep it short.

Well, the RNG made its impact to effectively nullify the good luck from yesterday, but my progress so far seems to be acceptable enough. It just depends on whether I can do the orc chasm, tavern, pirates, macguffin, war and hole in the sky in about 800 adventures or so. I was able to last time, at any rate, so we shall see.
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Re: Volc's HC AoJ run (in progress; 16 skills)

Postby Volc » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:05 pm

Placeholder for day 3
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Re: Volc's HC AoJ run (in progress; 16 skills)

Postby Volc » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:05 pm

Placeholder for day 4
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Re: Volc's HC AoJ run (in progress; 16 skills)

Postby Volc » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:14 pm

Placeholder for the final turn analysis bit
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