About the Hogs of Destiny

If this is your first time hanging out in Hog of Destiny because you were given a whitelist, you are in the right place. This page should answer most of your questions about our clan.

Who are the Hogs of Destiny?

The Hogs of Destiny was founded as a clan of ascenders determined to be the best at every facet of the game. We still have some of the top ascenders in the Kingdom and we still care about being on leaderboards, but we are not a clan composed entirely of diamonds. Our current goal is to maintain a close-knit family. Our clan boasts a diverse group of players, both in terms of game interests and personal backgrounds. We are always looking for active and mature players with a good sense of humor to become a part of our family. We actively recruit players that catch our attention. If you would like a whitelist, contact salticid (#674339) or Funktastic (#1635100). If you want to learn more about us, you can check out our clan history.

Our clans

You may have noticed that we actually use several clans. The Hogs of Destiny is our main clan and is composed of our more experienced players. The Piglets of Fate is our training clan, composed of mostly newer players. These clans are separate, but we often hold contests together, hogs adopt piglets to teach them about speed ascension, and many members spend their time equally in both clans. In addition to these clans, we own several sub-clans, which do not have members and are mainly used for having multiple dungeons open. If you want maximum rollover turns, you should spend rollover in either Piglets of Fate or Hogs of Exploitery. If you want maximum PvP turns, you should spend rollover in Hogs of Destiny.

Our forums

We do not ever use the in-game forums. If you want to post in our forums, you need to create a forum account. If you become a member, you should request the appropriate member access so that you can access more of our forums. If you have problems with the forums, contact psy (#231760). All members should post about themselves in the new members threads of PoF and HoD, clan rosters, and photo gallery.

Our bots

Searon (#327436) was our first bot. She was created and is still hosted by CDMoyer (#599619). Searon logs chat, does clan warfare, announces people entering or leaving the clan using custom messages, announces when someone ascends, and logs how often players chat, among other things. Searon has a few bugs and may make false announcements occasionally. We just pretend she has gone crazy with age.

Psychedelic_fish (#1890669) was our second bot. He was created and hosted by Frita Bandita (#868680). Pfish had a searchable chatlog since April 2009 to January 2011 and a log of all stash activity. Unfortunately, updates to the game have broken Pfish and he has been retired. We would like to have someone eventually create a replacement.

HoD (#2201034) and Fap (#2171064) are our newest bots. They were written by weas (#1624833) and hosted by Kain (#694144). Among other things, they keep track of our clan leaderboard, provide links to forums posts, and link chat between PoF and HoD for two days a week (Sunday and Monday).

FaxBot (#2194132) is a community organized bot that was written by weas (#1624833) to help people use the clan fax machine. It is hosted by by Kain (#694144) and maintained by a number of players including salticid (#674339), RoyalTonberry (#1161513), and weas (#1624833).

Our stash

The HoD stash contains five types of items:

  1. Gift items such as beautiful soup and designer handbags are free to take by any interested member.
  2. High end consumables like extra-greasy sliders and chocolate cigars are only to be used for stunt runs and can be bought from the stash for 75% of the current mall price.
  3. Tattoo and trophy related gear such as the red-hot medallion can be borrowed, but must be put back within 1 hour.
  4. IotM type gear may be borrowed at your leisure.
  5. Ultra-rare and grimacite items can be borrowed for several hours at a time, but do not log off with these items unless you are using them in a speed run.

If you need an ultra-rare or grimacite item for an ascension and it is not in the clan stash, ask around in /clan - several players have this gear but do not regularly put it in the stash.

Our dungeons

The status of our dungeons change from time to time, but currently, Piglets of Fate is the main clan getting hobopolis gear these days. If you are interested in buying Hobopolis gear or helping in a dungeon run, contact Funktastic (#1635100) or jennyUNDERpants (#1270600). If you are interested in buying slime tube gear, contact Jack D Ripper (#775093). Hogs of Exploitery is used for speed ascension. Any player may request access to HoE dungeons from salticid (#674339) to use either the sewers or slime tube during ascension. All other dungeons are currently casual and for members only.

Clon (#1544822) is our mother slime killer. At the time of writing Clon has 276 effects, +1178% item drops not including the 130 lb jack-in-the-box, and 26799/24171/24207 buffed stats. redpot (#206541) is the owner of Clon, but several players in the clan have access to the account and those players are listed on his profile. If you have a task for Clon, let one of those people know.

Inactive Members

If you are a HoD member who is going on vacation, you are not allowed to have someone sit your account who is not a member of the clan unless you ask salticid (#674339) to derank you before giving the account sitter your password. Providing stash access from your account to a non-member of the clan may results in booting.

The only way that you can lose your rank in the clan is by going inactive. If you have been inactive for 6 months, do not be surprised if you have been given "inactive" rank and if you have been inactive for 1 year, do not be surprised if you have been temporarily booted from the clan, but you should still have a whitelist. Once given the "inactive" rank, you must request "in-training" rank from salticid and you will gain rank as if you are a new member again.